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Porte-bébé airlight

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Hyper maniable, l'airlight peut être porté aussi bien en position frontale que dorsale. Il est léger, ingénieux et hyper facile à placer. A la ceinture, fermeture éclair et c'est parti!  

Not currently available in this region.


Le porte-bébé airlight est génial car:

  • Il peut être utilisé en position frontale ou dorsale
  • Il est stocké dans sa propre ceinture rembourrée et douillette 
  • Il est ultra compact: 198 x 10 x 7,9 cm
  • Il se place très rapidement! Il suffit de le placer autour de la ceinture, de fermer la fermeture éclair et le tour est joué!
  • Le tissu est certifié Oeko-Tex 
  • Une doublure pour nouveau-nés est incluse
  • Le tissu est un mélange de coton, les côtés en maille permettent une meilleure circulation de l'air 
  • la fermeture éclair est sécurisée pour pouvoir l'ouvrir facilement
  • Il s'adapte à différents parents et aux différentes étapes de croissance du bébé
  • Le bébé épouse une position naturelle contre le parent
  • Il est garanti 2 ans (avec enregistrement du produit )


Super lightweight


This has been a perfect carrier for the summer! It is super lightweight and the with the mesh material and the fact arms and legs can be free means it’s a cooler option for the hot days.
Love that it can fit into the change bag and can imagine it would be perfect for overseas travel too.
Really easy to put on (have only used with baby facing in so far) you don’t need to fidget with the straps each time as to get bubs in you just zip up the front.
Would of rated this 5 stars except that the strap does push into my sons head/eye (this would be due to his height though.) perhaps if it was softer around the top edge and sides it would be a bit more comfy on their face/head?

Great colour


So super light to carry around, love the colour comfy to wear



Bought for my newborn baby and my baby love sleep in this carrier.. its easy and lighweight carrier.. best carrier ever!

Light, easy to use, and comfortable!


Bought this product about a month ago as I was looking for a carrier for my son who will be traveling with us. This is carrier is difficult to beat! It has everything I was looking for: light to carry, easy to store, and comfortable for me and my toddler. He likes the piggy back rides and this carrier is comfortable enough for walks and is so easy to set up. Great value for money too!

Great features.


I absolutely love my airlight carrier. It's so quick and easy to use, super lite in the hotter weather and comfortable to wear. My baby is always happy to be in the carrier.

Packs small and easy to use


I have the airlight for when I take my son on planes, which is very often. The zip makes it really easy to get the baby in and out, and it sits nice and high to support their head. It packs into itself so its nice a easy to keep in your nappybag when not is use. On the downsize it isn't comfortable for the parent (the baby likes it). The straps dig in, and I had to put dribble catchers on as extra padding. I can wear it for about an hour or so. In short: great for planes and going through airports, but pack different one if you want to carry baby at your destination or for long periods of time. Also good to have in your nappy bag in case you want to put a grumpy baby in a carrier when you are out.

Easy to use and so compact!


I was not in the market for a new carrier as I already have 2. However, when I was researching double strollers, I came across Phil&Teds. I purchased the airlight carrier because of these features: lightweight, breathable, compact storage, and ease of use. I honestly have to say that the airlight carrier has delivered on all of these features. It is so light and allows for more air to keep you and baby cool. This has been a life saver for me this summer as I walk with my baby in it for at least 30 minutes each day while we take big brother to the park. I can also fit the airlight carrier in a number of my purses when we go out for the day so it is always easily accessible and does not take up much room. I have no problem taking this carrier on and off on my own and getting my baby in and out too.
I have a couple issues with the carrier. During the first several wears, the black dye transferred to my baby's clothing. However, this has stopped now that I have been using it nearly every day. Another issue is that the shoulder straps can cause some upper back pain as there is no padding on them. Now that I have been using the carrier for a while, I would love for it to have a hood or flap of some sort to cover my baby's head when he falls asleep.
Overall, I am very happy with this carrier and plan on using it long term. Great product!

Light but not so comfortable


This is a good emergency carrier to have in the bottom of the pram or backpack but it really is not supportive, padded or comfortable enough for baby ot patent to use for extended carrying

So light so compact, great value


Best carrier by far.I tried them all and the airlight is so well suited to Australian conditions as it's breathable and lightweight for baby AND parents!!

Airlight carrier


This carrier arrived quickly, which I was very pleased with. Unfortunately it broke the first time I tried to use it (one​ of the buckles came undone from carrier). The Phil and Ted customer service has been appalling and I haven't yet received a new working carrier, and I have no idea when I will, despite contacting them more than two weeks ago. The carrier itself might be good, but I'm not confident seeing as it broke on first use. I'm disappointed in Phil and Ted as it's but what I expected from such a respected company.

simple to use


A really easy to use baby carrier just clip Zip up and go . love the back option for bigger babies as my baby is older and it helps when she is at the back as I have less back pain carrying her.

Nice and light


Nice light material, bit big for newborn even with insert.

Great product


This product made travelling via plane with a newborn and toddler so much easier. Compact and lightweight....fits perfectly in baby bag ready to go when needed.

Compact and Easy to Use


We bought two of these carriers for our trip to Australia, Singapore and Malaysia when the twins were 12 months old. We were looking for something lightweight as the packs we usually used were quite padded and more suited to our climate in New Zealand. The Airlights were light and the breathable mesh panels helped keep the boys cool in the humid conditions. Another plus was the freedom to navigate the airport hands free, while giving the boys the security of being close to Mummy and Daddy with all the chaos that travel brings. The zip feature provided easy access which was necessary having to go through security scans. The carriers themselves rolled up compact when not in use and we were able to store them in the drink compartments on our day packs. I definitely recommend these carriers to anyone travelling with infants.

Great light-weight carrier


The airlight carrier is an amazing compact and convenient baby carrier. My favourite features are the size, ease of use and comfort. The size is great it folds down super small and is easy to tuck into its own bag and then pop in the baby bag. Unlike big bulky carriers this carrier can be easily taken with you. We use ours for popping into stores, settling at home and it has been a life saver when waiting for hospital appointments when there are delays! The zip at the front creates space so that you can put the carrier on first and then slip baby in. The simple zip feature makes a sleepy baby transfer to the cot smooth and most importantly successful :) Finally for its size and how light this carrier is I was surprised that it was so comfortable when using for these short trips. I highly recommend this carrier to anyone that needs a quick and comfy carrier :

Simple and light


Bought for our 3 month old and use it a few times per week. While it's very basic it seems supportive. I like how it feels like my baby is snug when inside it. The downside was the baby store only having 1 in stock so I had to get orange. But I like it for what it is and feel it's a bargain price!

I like that his legs and hips are well supported and the zip front makes for easy access. I pop onto myself then zip him in. No adjustments needed.

Very handy and compact!!


We bought this for our travels but we have been using it almost on a daily basis now. Compact and easy to insert bubs into the carrier. Hassle free! A value for money purchase.

Super compact!


This is a great carrier. It zips right into its own pouch and takes up very little space in the diaper bag. My daughter loves it now, but wasn't a fan when she was really little. It's probably not safety recommended but I ended up swaddling her and then putting her and she loooooved that. My daughter lived in this while we moved/packed and unpacked a house. It's a great product!!

Money well spent!


I brought this for my son who was a premmie baby.i tried other carriers and he would cry within a minute of being put in. He loves this one as he can be so close to my skin without bulky material in front of him. I love how light it is and that the sides are breatheable for which ever way his face is and its awesome in summer.

Great front pack


Bought this as wanted something easy and fast to put on to go shopping with my daughter. Has been great. We got given a big expensive front pack but I can not do up the buckle by myself. This Phil and ted one is way better. So compact to. Easy to chuck in the nappy bag. Love the zip at the front. Comfy for me and my girl.


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