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porte-bébé émotion

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Le porte-bébé émotion est conçu pour prendre soin à la fois du bébé et du parent : Une vraie merveille!

Not currently available in this region.


Le porte-bébé émotion est génial car:

  • Il peut être utilisé en position face au parent ou bien face au ou monde
  • ergonomique et facile à régler
  • comprend 2 bavoirs pour plus d'hygiène et un nettoyage rapide
  • verrou de sécurité ingénieux pour maintenir bébé et maniable d'une seule main
  • tissu certifié Oeko-Tex
  • Le tissu est un mélange de cotons, les côtés en maille permettent une meilleure circulation de l'air
  • se croise au niveau du dos et s'attache avec fermeture éclair pour plus de sécurité et  pour que l'ajustement au corps soit facilité
  • appui-tête réglable intégré
  • sangle de béquille réglable grandit avec bébé
  • 2 ans de garantie (avec enregistrement du produit)
  • sangle d'entrejambe réglable qui s'adapte à la croissance du bébé
  • garanti 2 ans (avec enregistrement du produit )


Highly recommend


So comfortable and easy to use. I can get him in and out without help from anyone else. We've used it from newborn and are still using it with our 1 year old.

Comfy for baby


Comfy for baby from birth, but parent wise doesn't adjust to very big so if larger, especially like most people after birth it is a very tight fit.



The domes on this keep popping open making it unusable. Baby is only 4.5kg so nowhere near the weight limit. Will be returning :(

Great carrier!


This a great carrier, that you can actually put on by yourself quite easily.
I've struggled with a couple of other carriers and always needed my wife to help me, so i'm really happy to have found this one. I've been out with our 6 month old strapped in for a couple of hours and still found it really comfortable.

Very comfortable and user friendly


This really is the most comfortable carrier I have ever worn and it is super easy to use.
I love ❤️ my emotion carrier and will be using it as long as I can. We use it to walk along the beach, a quick run into the shops, at home doing housework etc ( so I can get things done with out my son crying).
My son loves the carrier and settles as soon as he's in the emotion carrier. And my husband even loves it too.

Love it!


I love this product. It is so comfy to wear and my baby seems to be comfy whilst in it.
I have recommended it to many of my friends

Great carrier, love it!


Saved my life around the house. Literally lets me live a reasonably normal life.

Excellent carrier


I bought this when the Airlight came with it for free and I'm so glad I did. The carrier can have baby front or rear facing while on my front. She LOVES to face outwards watching whatever I'm doing and facing me when she needs cuddles. I highly recommend it

Just what I needed!


I spent a long time reviewing various brands of carrier before deciding to purchase this one. After impatiently waiting for it to arrive, I wasn't disappointed! It took a little time to fathom out the instructions and get it fitted comfortably enough for me to use however. The instruction manual is just pictures but could benefit from some words imo. Several of the straps were twisted and fastened incorrectly but after spending some time re-threading them all and adjusting to my size, off we went! My little boy loves it and was asleep in minutes from the first use. It has allowed us to get out and about for walks in areas previously off limits with a pram which is great now the weather is warming up.
Size-wise, it fits well. I am a UK size 8/10 but I do find I have it adjusted as far as it will go in. if I were smaller I would worry it would not fir as comfortably for either me or my baby. That said as he gets bigger I know I have plenty of room to adjust it outwards so anticipate much more use over this year. It feels supportive and doesn't aggravate a back problem I have which is a big plus for me.

Sorry guys - it'll do, but not the best.


This will be our second carrier, as my boy outgrew the other one (it was rated to 25lbs, and he hit that at 12 mo). We bought this one because it was rated to 30 lbs and would bide us over the winter until my boy is walking on his own, plus it had good reviews.
I use a carrier every day for about 30 minutes taking him to or from daycare.
I am over 6' tall and about 210lbs and fairly fit - not huge, not petite - and this will barely stretch around my chest, even at it's widest setting.
It's not just small on me - it's rated to 30lbs, but squeezing my boy in there is going to leave him breathless once he gets his winter snow suit on. It's just way too small and can't be adjusted any bigger.
The various snaps/hooks/clips/zippers - cumbersome. The old one (they have asked i not mention the bjrand) had pretty much one catch, that was long and very secure. for this one to get done up, I must zip myself in, apply a hook over an eye, snap a dome, then apply two magnetic catches. I'm sure it's secure, but wowza, what an ordeal with a flailing 1 year old. Over-designed.
Getting it on is made even trickier by the fact that the straps are all thin and pad-less - no stiff padding to provide shape, so swinging your arms around trying to wrangle it over your other shoulder, it is nearly impossible to use without a companion helping.
The crotch padding ends early, and there is no padding between us - he's right against my chest and my coat zipper, and his poor bum is pressed right up against the crotch support buckle without any padding. We're lucky we're only going for 15 minute jaunts, it would be quite uncomfortable over time.
Otherwise it seems well constructed - it won't fall apart, but we'll probably stop using it before it gets a chance to.
I am disappointed in the purchase and wish the other bjrand bjit the bjullet and made a bjigger model for bjabies up to 30lbs.
Oh well, it will work for the next 6 months as we really have no other alternative but a stroller.

Best Purchase by far


I bought this a few weeks ago, as my newborn son was very fussy during the day and wanted to be carried around. Now Im handsfree and he is in his favourite position cuddled with mum. I have a bad back, and the supportive straps and design distribute his weight really well.

Love this carrier!


Brought one of these about a month ago after spending a fortune on a different brand.
Loved it from the moment I put it on, easy to get on and off and to adjust when switching between my husband and I. Plus the all important passenger loves her new ride - being able to look up to check on me when she needs to as well as being in her favourite position - on her parents haha

Great comfort for baby and Mum or Dad


We bought this for our daughter for her new baby when we went on holidays with her to New Zealand. It is so convenient. Her new son slides easily in the carrier and it's very comfortable for him and his Mum or Dad. It protects the baby when in a crowd and in poor weather. It keeps baby nice and snug. Good value!

I even bought one for me - Grandma!


I originally bought this carrier for my daughter, my daughter-in-law liked it so much I bought one for her. Now I have three grandchildren under 1 year old and I am going to buy one for me for when I watch the babies, so I won't have to readjust theirs to my body.

Great value for money


In comparison to other baby carriers on the market this is great value for money. Have used this for the past few months with our new baby and she loves being in it. I am 5 foot 1 and my partner is 6 foot 1 and we both can use this carrier, resizing it with ease.



I brought this baby carrier when my son was born. A month down the track and we would be lost without it. He doesn't settle easily during the day so I pop him in the front pack and can still get things done around the house, or go out walking. He falls asleep easily and it's very secure and comfortable to wear. I have a bad back so the straps are strong and supportive.

Love it!


Love this carrier, so easy to fasten with zip and super comfy for bub. Bub sits at a great height and the dribble bibs provided are very handy! Easy to wash and wear, definitely worth it!


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