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porte bébé parade

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Vous ne pourrez plus vous en passer! le porte bébé compacte, mignon et hyper confortable pour le dos.

169,00 Disponible dès maintenant. Commandez dès aujourd´hui
169,00 Disponible dès maintenant. Commandez dès aujourd´hui

Disponible dès maintenant. Commandez dès aujourd´hui Part très vite. Garantissez votre achat dès aujourd´hui Peu de stock. Commandez dès maintenant Réservez le dès maintenant

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wow! les caractéristiques du porte bébé parade:

  • châssis solide et hyper stable en aluminium 
  • pliage à plat hyper compact, respecte les mesures imposées par les compagnies aériennes
  • ergonomique: tissu rembourré pour soutenir votre corps
  • tissu en maille pour plus de réspirabilité 
  • tissus imperméables
  • porte bouteille et poche pour clé
  • mini sac détachable que les enfants adorent 
  • poignée pour un transport facile 
  • 2 ans de garantie ( en enregistrant votre produit en ligne )

dans la boîte:

  • porte -bébé parade

Tech specs

  • poids- 2kgs / 4.4lbs
  • dimensions produit plié - 60 x 30 x 17cm / 23.6 x 11.8 x 6.7"
  • tranche d'âge- 6 mois (ou quand le bébé peut s'asseoir sans aide) jusqu'à 3 ans (or poids maximum) 
  • poids maximum - 18kgs / 39.7lbs


  • super lightweight! PHIL_AND_TEDS_LOBSTER_red_with-awards_1200x1200px

    chaise haute lobster

    Ayez la lobster à table chaque j...

Great carrier


I brought this carrier a few months ago and used it for the first time at the weekend really happy with it my son loves it too, looking forward to using it on our holiday in the summer!

Convenient and easy to use


I bought this carrier as my little one loves to walk but gets tired and needs carrying home on Dad's shoulders. It fits my husband well (he's 5'9") and it really just fits me (5' nothing).
The shoulder padding is sufficient for shorter walks but not for our often intrepid outings.
The detachable pack is great for stuffing in snacks, small toys, keys, etc. The storage underneath is ample for spare nappies and sundry.
My only gripe is that the stabiliser likes to spring back in as we load our little one in. I place a foot on it to hold it firmly out.
It's nice and compact for storing at home or in the car and is super convenient in lieu of a pram.

Great for short walks


The carrier is very comfortable for my toddler and he is happy at all times although both my husband and i noticed that our shoulders started to ache due to the weight distribution being predominately on our shoulders. We tried various adjustments and unfortunately still uncomfortable for us! Can use on short walks only.

Good acquisition overall


Company was amazingly quick to ship and no problems whatsoever with adhering to our delivery instructions. Really like the product and little extras such as attachable bag and side pockets etc are so useful. We did find once our little bundle was installed that it was heavier than ones we were used to but we are talking about very basic models of 40 years ago and we are now elderly. Little bundle seemed very comfortable though and his parents were very pleased with the carrier, especially with the additional feature we purchased - the canopy for wet or sunny weather.

Excellent carrier


Basically everything about it is great. First, the baby loves to be there and about with it. Enough compartments to keep things organised. Lightweight and quite nice looking too. One problem I found is the support underneath can hurt my back when carrying the baby because it scratches on the skin, otherwise it would be 5 stars.

Fantastic back pack carrier


We loved using this back pack carrier. It was light, durable and comfortable to use. Highly recommend it!

Awesome back pack


Looked very bulky when it showed up but much to my surprise it's very comfy to wear and my son loves it

Great but...


I love this backpack but due to my daughters fare skin, having the option to buy an canopy attachment should be available! We spend many hours riding in this pack and I highly recommend finding a backpack with a sun shade canopy. This may be unrealistic to ask but is there any way to design an attachment to buy in the near future? thanks

Great but...


Could do with more padding, especially on the shoulder straps. There is literally almost none so after about five minutes the straps really dig in to the collarbones. Ours has also got quite a loud squeak which is a tad annoying. I think another good feature would be some foot stirrups of some sort for the baby.
On the plus side, I love the way it looks, my 15 month old seems to mainly like it too. I like that it's not as enormous as some wired baby carriers. Love the orange colour. Love that it folds up really compact. Love that I can put baby in myself safely when on my own.
To conclude, with a few tiny adjustments I think this carrier would be perfect. For the price it's pretty great.

Good quality


I bought Parade for a summer trip and we are going to use it with our 1 year old in airport when we can't use a stroller. Parafde seems to be a good quality product.

Everything about it is great!


Love this product, it's everything we wanted. Worth every penny.

One Great Pack


I just purchased the Parade model and took it for a spin.Wow! The comfort for my son was appearent and for me? It's fabulous. (And that's a tall order for a nearly 50 year old 'new' parent). He was secure, I had his weight distributed through my hip, not my shoulders, and we were comfortable for more than an hour. I look forward to many more opportunities 'to share a ride' with my infant son. Storage was ample, the wallet&key compartment is an added bonus, and the mini pack? Who needs a diaper bag?
My only concern is the last of sun shade. We spend a lot of time outdoors at farmer's markets, nurseries, and sights and the added protection of a sun shade would have made this carrier perfect.

Awesome carrier in its category


So after reading all of the reviews both good and bad I took the plunge and ordered it this Tuesday. I was surprised that despite the international shipping it arrived fast on Friday night.

Took it out for a field trial going around the mall the next day and this carrier was awesome. It was comfortable for me and my 11 month old baby. He was all smiles and never wanted to get out of it for the 2 hours we were going around. Weight is nicely distributed and allowed me to move freely. It was easy to fit, just a few tugs at the straps and it's ready to go. Felt just a bit of discomfort from the strap that goes across the chest. I will place a strap foam across it to solve the problem. Otherwise the paddings on the back and waist strap are excellent. I also liked the looks. It's stylish and sleek enough that we did not look like we were going hiking in the woods. My baby liked it so much that it doubled as a high chair when we stopped to eat. I even got glances from other parents and whinings from other toddlers who wanted to get on it. This type of carrier is not commonplace where I live. The moment it arrived my two year old nephew wanted to go horsey horsey on it, I obliged and he absolutely loved it. I took him around the block and gave me a bit of a workout.

The only flaw is indeed what other users also reported in Amazon. The moment it arrived I already noticed a bit of wearing at the point where the elbow joint at the back pressed against the fabric when the carrier is folded. It could have been solved by giving more allowance to the fabric such that it did not hit the elbow joint when folded. I did not want it to develop into a full hole so I Macgyvered it by placing duct tape at the inside where the elbow meets the fabric and on the outside. I will try to find a darker gray duct tape so it could be hardly noticed. I think this solved the problem. You can see what I am talking about on the third and fourth pics.

I could have rated it 5 stars if not for this flaw. As mentioned I dod know about this flaw but the good points about this carrier outweighed the flaw. With the problem solved I am looking forward to more adventures with my boy as we go around the island.

Easy to use


Both bubs and i love our new baby carrier so light never get sore back or sholders i use it everyday at work

A typical product from Phil and Teds


As usual something purchased from Phil and Teds is a standout. Easy to use, cool and matching in our hipster life and of course the all important, our son loves being in it.


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