nacelle cocoon pour bébé

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Tellement douillet !

Léger et souple avec une couverture à fermeture éclair, le cocoon gardera votre bébé bien au chaud dans sa poussette et lui procurera un grand confort. De plus ses poignées de transport et sa base solide vous permettront de le soulever et le déplacer hors de la poussette sans déranger votre bébé pendant qu'il dort.

*Si vous utilisez la poussette DOT avec son second siège alors il doit d'abord être retiré, un petit compromis pour la plus compacte de nos poussettes.

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59,00 Disponible dès maintenant. Commandez dès aujourd´hui

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wow! Les caractéristiques de la nacelle cocoon:

  • accessoire hyper serviable pour se promener ou pour se reposer, il peut s'utiliser sur la poussette ou seul 
  • ultra léger
  • poignées longues et souples pour un transport facile et agréable
  • s'adaptent parfaitement au siège de votre poussette phil&teds en position allongée 
  • douillet et chaud - parfait pour les bébés en hiver!
  • extérieur en polyester hygiénique et robuste (se nettoie avec un chiffon humide)
  • couverture avec fermeture éclair pour accéder rapidement et facilement à votre bébé
  • ultra spacieux
  • homologué norme EN1466: 2004 - Europe

dans la boîte:

  • nacelle cocoon 


  • smart 2016
  • sport
  • dash
  • dot
  • ancien modèle classic 
  • ancien modèle sport 
  • ancien modèle explorer 
  • ancien modèle hammerhead 
  • ancien modèle dot
  • navigator
  • vibe/verve (face à la route uniquement / non compatible en mode face aux parents)

caractéristiques techniques:

  • poids- 1.2kgs / 2.7lbs
  • dimensions - 60 x 30 x 20cm / 23.6 x 11.8 x 7.8"
  • tranche d'âge - nouveaux-né jusqu'à 6 mois ou poids maximum 
  • poids maximum - 9kgs / 20lbs
  • comfort & warmth! Phil and Teds stroller footmuff in red

    snuggle & snooze sleeping bag

    stroller sleeping bag

Great cocoon!


We bought the cocoon about 3 weeks ago. Our bub is as snug as a rug in the cocoon as the bassinet we got was too big and roomy...he sleeps really well in it. We have no doubt that it's warm and safe. Can't wait to take it out and about too! Keep the germy hands of others at a safe distance and he can feel like he's still asleep at home. Awesome stuff!

cocoon for baby 2


I have an older model phil and ted buggy - it was a relief that cocoon still available.It looks a good quality now waiting to use it :-)

Snuggle bag


We call it the snuggle bag and our baby loves it. Even though she is almost too long for it she loves it really snuggly and cosy so I even put blankets at the bottom of the bag to make it cosier.. as soon as we'll carry her around in it, she falls asleep. I basically move her around in it everywhere at home, it's super practical if you're by yourself and don't want to leave baby by itself.

Great product


Great product easy to place in pram and just to carry around separate.

So useful but isn't going to last much longer


Despite having a summer baby we have found this so useful. We've used it from birth and it seems so much cosier and comfier for the baby than rattling around in the open using straps. That said, we did have to put some rolled up blankets n U shapes around the edges for the first few weeks.

The cocoon is also really handy for an easy transfer from pushchair to house and is a good place to put a baby down flat in when visiting friends etc.

The downside is that it certainly doesn't last 6 months. I never expected it to last 6 months but I had hoped for at least 3 months. My son is indeed long, but at 7 weeks his head and feet are touching both ends and that's with his legs not entirely straight!! I'll probably get a couple more weeks use out of it, but 2 months isn't any where near the 6 advertised. How you would ever fit a 20lb baby in there I will never know!

If it lasted longer I would have given it 5 stars. i almost gave it 3 stars but you can't help my son being long... However I do believe that 6 months is not good advertising.


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