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sport buggy

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wow! features:

  • auto stop braking system: safe & convenient
  • 26 riding options to accommodate 1 or 2 newborn babies up to 2 toddlers
  • one hand fast fold & automatic frame lock (more wow! features below)
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with multiple riding options on a super slim frame, you can take 1 or 2 children anywhere with refreshing ease. sport - the world's first auto stop™ inline is leading the way in safety & convenience.


more wow! features:

  • rear facing double kit option
  • cleverly engineered 'kerb pop' for ultra light handling



what's in the box:

  • frame
  • 3 x 12” air filled tyres
  • fabric set
  • easy adjust tail-free 5 point safety harness with shoulder pads for comfort
  • follow-the-sun hood with handy storage pockets
  • parcel tray
  • bumper bar
  • instruction book

Tech specs

tech specs:

  • weight - 12.5kgs / 27.9lbs
  • width - 59cm
  • fold dimensions 76 x 30 x 59cm
  • age range - newborn to 5 years
  • maximum load:
    • main seat - 20kgs/44lbs
    • double kit on front - 20kgs/44lbs
    • double kit on rear -15kgs/26lbs
    • parent facing double kit - 12kgs/26lbs


  • phil&teds alpha baby car seat - alpha car seat 3/4 view

    siège auto alpha

  • snug carrycot - webshop (off stroller)

    nacelle snug pour dot, sport & navigator

    nacelle couffin avec ou sans la...
  • navdk_v2 cherry

    second siège sport/ navigator

    deuxième siège pour la poussette...
  • single sun cover - navigator

    single sun cover

    also fits other stroller models
  • double sun cover - navigator

    navigator double sun cover

    also fits other stroller models
  • Sport v2 apple single storm cover side view

    single storm cover

    also fits other stroller models
  • double storm cover - navigator

    navigator double storm cover

    also fits other stroller models
  • universal travel bag in chilli

    universal travel bag

    for strollers, car seats & more

Excellent Pram, but beware of the brake


I would have given this a 5 stars, as I absolutely love it. But we have problem with the brake. First of all, when it folds, the brake line is always in the way, we don't know if we should have the handle bar up or down so it folds up smaller. Secondly, one side of the brake cable snapped during our travel, and there is absolutely no way of getting the pram going as the brake just stuck in the wheel and we are not able to push it AT ALL. With a toddler and a pre-schooler together, and no pram during travel, this is an absolute nightmare. I had to go to a bike shop in hope of getting it fixed. But there was no part available, and it is not the same as the bike brake cable either. I had to ask them to take one side of the brake out, so I can still use it in the remainder of the travel. Now, the fun of sourcing a double-ended cable for replacement. I was not able to find it on the parts section. The brake was a really good idea, I loved it, till the cable snapped and it just became unusable. It is a really well-built pram, but the cable may have just shorten it's usage life.

Great features !!


The best stroller I have ever had in my life. Just perfect ! My kids love this stroller. Comfortable, easy to maneuver and easy to fold. The best solution for my 18 months and 2 months kid.

Well built


I am yet to use my stroller as bubs isn't due yet but my stroller has arrived and looks built to last

Makes life so much easier!


I have a 3 year old and 1 year old. I tried a thrifted double stroller, but hated it because it was way long and so hard to push. So I tried using my single-seated jogging stroller with both boys squashed in. Fail. I bought a philandteds sport stroller (with the extra seat) hoping to remedy the situation, and I am in love! No more straining my back just to go out for a stroll. No more fighting toddlers in each other's personal space. I feel like I have a new lease on life!

Don't buy this stroller!


I bought this a year and a half ago with the double kit to be a long term stroller for my growing family. The brake cable snapped this week, causing the tyres to be in perpetual brake position so I can't even use it. I'm disappointed that it has broken so soon, especially for a 650$ stroller. And I'm still waiting to hear from phil&teds about repair or replacement. I depend on my stroller daily, so if you are like me, go with something different!



I love my Phil and teds sport! I got the double kit... It is awesome that I can use it as a double or a single. Rides very smooth and easy to navigate around tight areas!

bonne poussette sauf position allongée


j'ai acheté cette pousette à la naissance de mon fils il y a 4 mois avec le couffin cocoon souple et les adaptateurs pour le cosi bébé confort pebble ( trés facile à mettre sans défaire toute la pousette). Le couffin cocoon est très pratique, très léger ( pour monter mes 3 étage) et pas cher par rapport à une nacelle classique. Le bémol c'est la capot qui ne permet pas de cacher le soleil en mode allongée et maintenant que mon fils est assis quand il s'endort il a les pied qui reste en l'air

Smooth Rider


I bought the sports model a month ago and found it easy to manourvre with my 3 yr old niece and her baby sister. Plus it is light and compact, easy to store in the car.

Good quality


We bought this as we wanted something that would last and could be adapted to more than one child in the future. Of all the 'all terrain' and three wheeler buggies we looked at, this seemed to be the best quality, and have the most versatility.

We've only been using the buggy for a couple of weeks, but so far it's been really good. The fabric is good quality, and the buggy feels very solid and robust. It deals well with uneven terrain. However, it is pretty heavy, so probably not ideal if you have to deal with lots of stairs.

A couple of little niggles, which are more to do with the accessories. Both the carrycot and cocoon which give lie flat options for newborns are really small. Our baby was 53cm at birth, and at three weeks old now, I can see he's not going to last very much longer in the cocoon - not sure what we'll do then, and it's a shame, as he loves being in it and it's worked really well for us so far. Similarly, I would have bought the carry cot that clips on to the frame to bring the baby up higher, but having seen it in a shop was disappointed at how narrow and small it was.

Overall, I think this is a good quality buggy, and I'm pleased with our choice.

There is no other jogger!!!!


Love this jogger!!! Enough said.
Well I guess I'll give you guys more than that. I was in the market for a jogger for morning and afternoon runs around the post. One that was durable, safe, and that the quality would last for my future children. Not only was the Sport the one but the fact that I can adjust it for two kids when that time comes and also have adjustment as my lil man grows was amazing! Like I said early I love this thing and wouldn't recommend anything else to anyone. This is a great jogger for the avid jogger or overall fitness guru who wants the lil one to go along for the ride. But it's also great just to maneuver around the town. I recommend and advertise this product though out my base! Good job guys and keep up the good work!!

Awkward to open and close


I bought the Phil and Teds because I am pregnant with #2 and love the option of the double kit. So far I LOVE how it handles, looks, and the big basket underneath. Haven't used it as a double yet. However, I still have not figured out how to open and close it smoothly. It is so awkward and to close it you have to rest it on the handle on the ground, which I don't like because this is going to add unnecessary wear and tear / dirt on the handle. Also, the FIRST time I tried to lug it into my minivan, I pushed it back thinking it would roll into the trunk on the wheels and the fender broke right off! So, now my BRAND NEW $800+ stroller has only 1 fender. :( I will be writing to the company to hopefully have this part replaced as it is irreparable. I am still giving it 4 * because I know it is a quality product and I am happy with the functionality of the stroller.

Phil and teds sport


Love my sport! I can go through any checkout at the supermarket, fit all my things in the storage basket and easy to use one handed. The auto stop feature is great, especially when we're out walking with the dogs. And the auto stop works really well.
Our Pand T sport is the envy of all our friends.

To Hard look for an older model.


The brake is most annoying. You cannot put a bag or a clip for a bag. It really changes the use of the pram. I resold it on line and purchased else where.

Great pram


I like a great pram.....I like it's quality and my Lil one loves it...

Very easy and compact - Absolutely love this stool


I bought this after my second was born as I needed a double that was sturdy, could move around easily and fit in my small compact car. Let's just say this stroller is everything and more!! Definatley recommend this one the side by side strollers.

Wonderful Stroller! Wonderful Service!!!


I love my philandteds navigator!!!
I use it almost daily to walk with my boys!!! I love how easily it handles and how compact it is compared to other double strollers.
My one complaint would be that you can't collapse the stroller with the second seat attached (hopefully they will update that for future editions....hint hint)
I also have to say that the customer service is top notch!!! We got our stroller and there was a slight defect, I called in and the customer service representative was so helpful and quick to replace the broken part without lots of hassle. I would definitely recommend their products!!!!

Really pleased with the Sport Stroller


I bought the Sport stroller and the carry cot last month and am really pleased with them. The buggy is really easy to manoeuvre and the automatic break is brilliant. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

Simple and robust


The sport stroller is an excellent piece of kit and the auto stop is a great feature especially as we live in an area with plenty of hills. Simple to put up and down and slots in the car with ease. Easy handling and the double option later makes it a good choice for potential new family additions.

Our first phil&teds Stroller!!!


This was the very first stroller we owned from phil&teds, and it has not been the last! We have loved every single one of them, and currently we are rockin' the Vibe! LOVVVVVE it!!! I even met one of my best friends when I sold her a phil&teds stroller!

Love the new features from the original Sport-but


I have one of the original Sport strollers (v2 I believe) and that thing has held up through three kids and literally 100s (maybe 1000s) of miles in the past 8 yrs. I am having twins and wanted to get a new stroller so I could have two carseats on it for a travel system. Naturally, I would choose another Phil and Teds! I love all of the new features, except that it is smaller and is less comfortable for older kids. The old version was plenty compact in my opinion. I can still have my 5 and 7 yr. olds ride in it comfortably if the need arises (and throw in a few groceries, too!), but I can't with the new one. I am a little nervous about how long it will work for the twins.

We love it


We have 3 yrs with our stroller. Our best purshase ever. Now with baby #3 on the way we still discovering new feactures



We have used Phil and Ted for years. Best product and holds up so well!

Navigator life saver pram


Bought this buggy wen I was expecting my little boy who is now 22 months old. We knew we wanted 2 close together so now it does our 22 month old boy and also 5 month old little boy. The seat combinations are fantastic. So many options were to put each child.
The only thing I'd like to change slightly is the weight of the pram. It is heavy and this was hard for me when I was pregnant again and I would love to be able to fold the pram with the double seat on, to save keep taking it all on and off.
Other than that we love our navigator v2. Very safe pram. Always gets looks and compliments.



I use this stroller for a few years. Satisfied one hundred percent. The easiest course and maneuverability. You can attach the bandwagon bugaboo old model (until 2015). Sometimes even four-year kata in the back seat.

Great size


Easy to fold and pop up. Fits through all doors easily. Great on rough terrain. Good to carry baby and few bits of shopping. Very adaptable.

Amazing customer service!!


I was recently gifted a sport double for my new twins. We noticed the brake wasn't working properly. After letting Phil and teds know they immediately corrected the situation and made sure we had a safe and functioning stroller. They went above and beyond my expectations. As for the stroller it's amazing! I have five kids so I have been through many strollers. This one takes the cake! It's so compact, easy to use and just about the cutest stroller I have seen! I got mine in black with pink inserts. We LOVE it.


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