Tiny Paw

"J’avais choisi Phil and Teds après des recherches sur Internet, et la marque était toujours citée dans les meilleures, et je n’avais pas été déçue."

("I chose Phil and Teds after searching the Internet, and the brand was always quoted in the best, and I was not disappointed.")

Tiny Paw ( France)

This is the big mama of baby carriers, literally and figuratively. It is by far the most practical option if you plan to go hiking as both you and bub will be comfortable. This is essentially a very sophisticated backpack. There is a zip up/zip off daypack for everything you need to take with you, as well as sturdy and secure seating with ventilated mesh panels. With lots of padding, it could get a little warm for you and your child if you are doing anything strenuous in a warm climate. The Escape is not suitable for newborns as there is no neck support but can take up to 18 kilograms. OUR VERDICT The most comfortable but also the bulkiest of the carriers. Worth the investment if you’re planning on doing anything even remotely intrepid.

baby gear lab

"The Phil and Teds Escape baby backpack is our Editors' Choice Award winner, receiving near-perfect ratings in storage, ease-of-use, and safety...Phil and Teds really thought of everything with the Escape. If adventure is a big part of your life, and you crave simplicity, this is the pack for you!"

"The Escape is a fun and functional backpack made from quality materials with great storage that keeps parent and baby comfortable for extended periods of time." - Dr. Spurrier

Made for Mums

"In the child's compartment, the seat level can be adjusted as well as the straps at the side and the padded shoulder harness. The child’s buckle can be adjusted for a secure fit.

The Phil and Teds Escape also has a bendable head support - the sides of the headrest bend inwards to support your child's head, allowing them to have a nap in comfort. No neck ache for Phil and Teds’ babies!

The Phil and Teds Escape back carrier a very stylish looking backpack - we tried the orange colour way and definitely turned a few heads.

Once the adjustments are complete the Escape will adapt to fit almost any size of parent - or any other obliging sole you can find to carry your child on a long trek!

Freya stayed happy when she fell asleep in the Escape. There’s a pillow for her to rest her head on and the rear head support bends around to stop her wobbling about as we walk.

There are lots of pockets within this carrier - we managed to load up a day’s worth of nappies, wipes, baby food etc and our waterproofs without running out of space.

The kick-out stand makes the carrier stable enough for loading and unloading, which is great when you are trying to do this alone. I even used the carrier on the school-run - not something I’ve ever done with our other carrier but the Escape is so easy to put on when you’re on your own." - Kathy Nall, Made for Mums product reviewer