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phil&teds award winning poppy high chair seat liner with four colour options more info paquebot ™ coquelicot PT-POPPYSEATLINER_V2 $15.99 USD
plateau de table poppy ™ (2020+) plateau de table poppy ™ (2020+) snack&play PT-POPPYTABLEKIT_V2 $32.99 USD
phil&teds poppy table leg sections_silver pieds de table en métal poppy ™ (2020+) PT-POPPYTLEGSET_V2 $21.99 USD
phil&teds poppy modes kit accessory shown in use on a dining chair and as a floor seat_assorted Coquelicot™ mode kit (2020 +) high&low PT-POPPYMODESKIT_V2 $15.99 USD
phil&teds lobster food tray_white Plateau alimentaire de homard™ PT-PLFT_ $11.99 USD
phil&teds lobster portable high chair super easey replacement fabric_black Tissu de remplacement haute chaise de homard™ PT-PLBseat_ $70.00 USD
Products replacement feet (set of 4 inc screws) for poppy™ bath seat pieds de table en métal poppy ™ (2020+) PT-PPOPPYBATHFEETV2 $35.40 USD