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phil&teds dash inline buggy with double kit in parent facing mode more info dash ™ + double kit ™ urban inline® $764.97 USD
phil&teds happy mum out with with 2 toddlers loving voyager buggy while riding in high five inline mode more info travelTM + double kitTM uptown inline® $739.98 USD
phil&teds award winning voyager buggy in black 3/4 view_black voyageur héritage™ buggy modular&complete VOY_V1 $709.99 USD
phil&teds inline sport buggy with double kit in inline mode more info Sport™ + double kit™ sporty inline® $704.97 USD
phil&teds dot inline buggy with double kit in inline mode more info dot ™ + double kit ™ value inline® $654.97 USD
phil&teds dash 2015-2019 buggy frame with parcel tray 3qtr view_black Cadre de tirets PT-PDAframeV5.1_ $589.99 USD
phil&teds traveller hero image showing all 4 modes with mum looking down at snug-to-bed mode_black voyageur™ lit de voyage near&afar TR_V5 $279.99 USD
phil&teds evolution car seat 3/4 view_black more info évolution™ siège d’auto convertible convertible car seat with SideArmor™ protection CSEVO_V1 $249.99 USD
phil&teds columbus car seat 3/4 view_black SOLD
Columbus™ siège de voiture ride safe & high in style CSCOLUM_V2 $229.99 USD Épuisé
phil&teds voyager double kit in red 3/4 view_red more info Costume pour deux voyageurs d \ \ 'ici 2019 VOYDK_V1 $219.99 USD
phil&teds snug carrycot with lid removed 3/4 view_black ConfortableFanLanceur PT-CARRYCOT_V6 $199.99 USD $199.99 USD
phil&teds snug carrycot with lid 3/4 view_black more info ConfortableFanLanceur rest&relax $199.99 USD