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At phil&teds®, we're all about helping parents with clever products & accessories to adapt&survive their parenting life!

We know that after buying your buggy, you come back to buy one ... two ... three & even more accessories to pimp out your ride!

So, we've put together a juicy offer that's gonna save you a few bucks: Buy 5 accessories from any of the below & save 15% off the lot!

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phil&teds diddie sets fits all your parenting gear_black marl être body&buggy PT-STRE-DIDDIESET_V6 $54.99 USD view product
phil&teds buggy liner in chilli red front view_chilli doublure PT-LINER_V6 $32.99 USD view product
phil&teds travel bag fully loaded and easy to open & close_red sac de voyage pack&go PTTB_V1 $109.99 USD view product
phil&teds go light weight stroller storm cover 3qtr view_default ensemble de couvertures toutes saisons go ™ GOCSET_V1 $32.99 USD view product
phil&teds tote storage bag 3/4 view_black Tote inline®storage carry&store PT-STORAGE-TOTE_V6 $32.99 USD view product
phil&teds sport buggy with sun mesh cover side view_default Couverture de maillage bugs&rays PT-SPORT-MESHC_V6 $32.99 USD view product
phil&teds sport buggy with storm cover side view_default couverture tempête wet&wild PT-SPORT-STORMC_V6 $32.99 USD Épuisé view product
phil&teds extender clip set_default ensemble de clips d'extension clip&go PT-VOYAGER-EXTSET_V6 $24.99 USD view product
phil&teds freerider connector for 2019+ dot, sport, dash & voyager_default Freerider™ connecteur 2019 + buggies inline ® from stroller board... to scooter fun! MB-FRCNECTOR-PTV6_V1 $32.99 USD Épuisé view product
phil&teds voyager main seat and double kit storm cover on voyager buggy 3/4 view_default Housse pare-tempête voyager ™ et double kit ™ PT-VOYAGER-STORMC_V6 $32.99 USD view product
phil&teds voyager main seat and double kit sun mesh cover on voyager buggy 3/4 view_default voyageur™ et double kit™ couverture en maille PT-VOYAGER-MESHC_V6 $32.99 USD view product
phil&teds universal bottle holder 3/4 view_default porte-bouteille universel refresh&refuel UCH_V1 $21.99 USD Épuisé view product
phil&teds lambswool liner keeps your baby and buggy cozy and warm_natural Doublure d'agneau woolly&warm PT-LAMBSWLINER_V6 $98.99 USD view product
phil&teds shade stick umbrella fully open_black parapluie de poussette de bâton d'ombre PTUMSHADE_ $32.99 USD view product
phil&teds close up view of buggy cup and bottle holder attached to buggy_black détenteur de tasse refresh&refuel PT-CH_V1 $10.99 USD view product