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current navigator sunhood

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Replacement sunhood for your navigator stroller.

This accessory is also an upgrade for the existing sunhood on legacy (older) model strollers including e3v2, classic, sport, dash, explorer or hammerhead*.

*Please note, you will need to upgrade your sun & storm covers to  navigator covers  to fit this new style sunhood.

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navigator sunhood is HOT! because:

  • add a splash of colour to your stroller!
  • cherry, midnight blue, black and graphite; a perfect colour match with the 2013 navigator stroller
  • a perfect fit with pre-2013 navigator strollers
  • great colour-matches with many legacy model strollers
  • clips easily onto the frame of the following stroller models*:
    • e3v2
    • sport v1 or v2
    • dash
    • hammerhead
    • explorer
    • classic & legacy red classic
  • premium fabric - matte & soft finish for style & premium feel
  • follow-the-sun angle adjustability
  • flip-out mesh sun visor for ultimate sun protection
  • side pockets for storage at your fingertips
  • perfect for use with the  face-to-face rear facing seat

*Please note, you will need to upgrade your sun & storm covers to  navigator covers  to fit this new style sunhood.

Does this sunhood compatible with S4 second seat?


Hi. I ordered an S4 Stroller via costco, and was wondering if this sunhood would work with a 2nd seat for the above stroller? Thank you.

Very handy and practicle


I brought this to put on my dash buggy. It has made trips much easier as I can just adjust the sun shade rather than having to get out and attach the full shade cover. This also makes tending to my baby easier as I can just push the shade back rather than having to unzip and open the shade cover - doesn't sound like a biggy but when you are doing it 4-5x an outing it is!!!

Couldn't be happier!


This sunhood was purchased to update the hood on my P&T Sports. It is by far a better sunhood than the original one that came with my pram as its more versatile - its bigger and I love the "follow the sun" idea and how the visor can move to protect my little ones from the sun. Once I had placed my order, I received a confirmation email very promptly and the product arrived at my door within days. Very happy with the overall experience of this product and efficient delivery.

Great quality!


The sunshade/good is great and offers a great deal of shade and is easy to attach, however the only downfall is, as I have the Dash I can't get the second seat to attach to the top while the hood is on.

Do not buy for other models


I bought this as the replacement for my sport sunshade, which is stated as one of the models that it fits. Yes, it fits, in the simplest sense of the word. But... The plastic clips OVER the fabric of the sling, there are grommets and snaps going unused (from where the proper sunshade for this model ought to go), and it's very unstable. As I was clipping it on I was worried that I would break the plastic mold because it is a tight fit. Even with this tight fit, the two plastic tubes you see are the only anchor for the shade - there is no other point at which this shade attaches- it does not feel sturdy at all. The sport has a square shape at the top of the sling, this sun shade is round. There is no way to attach it at the back. There is a velcro strip on the shade that attches to nowhere on the sport.
Needless to say I will be returning this shade for the one specifically meant for the sport. This isnt really a big deal since there is a shade that fits it, I am just wondering 1-who is going to pay return shipping, since I feel they are marketing falsely, and 2-why are they marketing this product as a catch-all solution when it is clearly made to fit one or two specific strollers and a poor fit for others?

I haven't received it.


I don't usually write negative reviews, but since I ordered this on August 15, my money has been taken, it still hasn't shipped yet, AND they're asking me to review it...they've kind of asked for it. I have no idea if this hood is good quality or if it will fit my stroller like it says it's supposed to. I do know that the shipping time and customer service, thus far, is less than impressive. I'll be happy to change this review once I actually get the product I ordered. Shoot, I'll be happy to change it once they tell me when I can EXPECT to get the product I ordered!

Great for special needs pushchairs! !


Bought this for my childs alvema pixi buggy and it's a great fit! Very reasonably priced too at £30 instead of the £200 for the official alvema one. Overall great quality and very happy with it


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