GOLD! Winner of a Prima Baby Award, 2015

Our navigator buggy was judged the best All Terrain buggy in the Prima Baby Awards, 2015! Here's what they had to say about our Gold award winner:

"As well as looking great, the Navigator is extremely functional and can be adapted several times over according to you and your brood’s evolving needs. The seat can be forward or rear-facing and the frame is travel seat compatible... Another real positive is that the Navigator is really quite dinky, very light and easy to steer - making life for us baby chauffeurs a lot less sweaty. This was particularly noticeable when trying to navigate my way down a busy high street, and I found I could quite easily nip between shoppers without feeling like I was about to mow anyone down! I found myself repeatedly muttering to myself ‘it’s so light’ as I walked down the street. All-round suspension also means that the buggy is suitable to go off road – it effortlessly glided over the cracked pavement that lines my street." - Prima Baby Awards, 2015

Winner of BEST BUGGY for the 2nd year running!

As voted for by parents, the phil&teds navigator inline buggy has been named the Best Buggy/Pushchair by mums&tots, Ireland's favourite parenting magazine.

Navigator takes on Costa Rica

"First of all, it is the smoothest stroller I've ever used. I've had single strollers, I've had double strollers, and I just can't believe that this is actually a double stroller because it is smoother than anything I've ever used before... This is narrow, it's smooth, I can swivel around in circles if I want to! It's really lightweight, so it's fun and I'm not stressed out, the kids are happy.

The fold is another amazing feature because I've spent time trying to break down other double strollers, or even single strollers, and it's just... I don't know why... it's impossible! I can't figure it out. And then to have to lift it up and put it into a trunk is terribly difficult. So in this case, it's just awesome because I can do it by myself and really easily... It makes life easier, whereas I think other strollers can make life stressful." - Emily,

Mums and Tots Award 2014

WINNER! Best Buggy & Pushchair, 2014

Ireland’s favourite maternity magazine, Mums & Tots, have awarded the phil&teds navigator Best Buggy & Pushchair for 2014, as voted by parents!

all terrain navigator stroller in the mud

4.3 out of 5 Star Rating!

"I liked the idea of the pram being auto stop on the phil & teds Navigator v2, especially as many of the trails we take the dogs to have hills. This means if we were to fall the pram would not go whizzing down the hill. I was dubious about this but I can honestly say the brakes work. The pram comes to an instant stop, quite abrupt, a complete standstill. I would definitely trust this to work on a hill.

On first handling we thought the phil & teds Navigator v2 felt quite heavy but we are used to pushing a much lighter pram but when actually putting it to the test I would say it feels lighter than both the Mothercare Xpedior and Cosatto Giggle. It breezes over lumps, potholes, mud, grass and up kerbs. You can of course lock the front swivel wheel to help over bumpier terrain. The air filled wheels also help make it a smooth ride and they cope well over even the most demanding of trails.

Harry in phil&teds navigator stroller

Gorgeous Harry enjoying a muddy, off-road adventure in his navigator buggy. With storm cover at the ready in case of drizzle, Harry and Mum Julie know how to adapt&survive whatever the weather! 

GOLD! Best Twin Buggy


"Versatile, adaptable and convenient inline buggy that goes from one to two children with ease, and still stays slim enough to fit through doorways. Now with Auto Stop braking system." - Prima Baby Awards, 2014 

SILVER! Best Innovation of the year!


Our navigator stroller was awarded a silver medal in the Best Innovation of the Year category, Prima Baby Awards, 2014!

Navigator stroller with a baby or toddler

"A dream to push"

“For me, the best improvement on the original Navigator is the size of the main seat in new born mode with the double kit on top. The main seat is bigger and there is now more leg room between baby and the top seat in double mode. The double kit also has higher sides which makes it feel more cocoon like and cozy. The auto stop brake takes some getting use to but it’s a great safety feature and is easy to use. I was worried it might feel stiff but it’s fairly effortless in the hand. It’s a dream to push..." - Holly, Mum and navigator stroller owner

"My friends, allow me to introduce you to the ground-breaking, lightweight & efficient phil & teds Navigator Stroller with the added double kit (aka “the double kit of magical wonders”).

The Navigator is the lightest double stroller I’ve ever owned, and therefore the only one I’ve actually used more than three times. My husband shook his head when I told him I was determined to find another double stroller for our next international flight.  I searched the inter-webs for the lightest, smartest and most durable brand I could find, which landed me at the one and only phil & teds®.  It was their witty website that won me over, I must say. 

Because this stroller is only 27.5 lbs, I can fold it, push it, and load it into a car trunk all by myself.  I feel unstoppable!  Without having a car in Costa Rica, I’ve been able to take my kids out to get breakfast, pick up groceries, or just for a long morning’s stroll without the stress of chasing a two and four year old!

There are no weird buttons or knobs to adjust to get it going.  I don’t have to ruin my flip flops on a foot brake.  The auto hand stop couldn’t be improved in my opinion, since it’s easy to hold down and there is even a clip that will keep it secured for you as an option (you then slip the connected loop over your wrist, which will release the brake when pulled).  On the hills around my house, this auto stop is an honest-to-goodness life saver.  The comfort grip is a luxury, and the handle bar adjusts to nine different positions, which I think is very thoughtful." - Emily,

Pushchair Trader Bronze Award 2014

BRONZE! Best Tandem Pushchair

Our navigator with Auto Stop was awarded Bronze in the Best Tandem Pushchair category of the Pushchair Trader Best Baby and Toddler Gear, 2014!

"phil&teds have really pushed the boat out with a whole host of really meaningful updates. The auto-stop is epic, not only is it a great idea, it’s been designed really well and, most importantly, works exceptionally well. The seat is improved, the newborn options are improved, all the updates have worked really well for phil&teds here, I can find little to fault in this tandem, and it’s going to be a serious contender for anyone looking for a practical sibling option that can grow with your family. We give the phil&teds Navigator with Auto Stop 5/5 stars."

Kind + Jugend Innovation Award Nominee 2013

Kind + Jugend Innovation Award Finalist 2013


Our latest navigator buggy with Auto Stop safety brake was a finalist in the prestigious Kind + Jugend Innovation Awards, 2013! This revolutionary safety innovation is set to make parents lives easier, offering the ultimate in convenience for those unpredictable parenting moments. 

The phil&teds Navigator is a dream to push. A total revolution in buggy technology. Cozy for kids and compact, light and manoeuvrable for mum and dad. The autostop function gives parents the freedom to help their other children who may be walking beside them, without having to manually apply the brake.  - Roberta von Meding, Editor, Mums & Tots magazine Ireland

The new Auto Stop works just like trolleys in the airport – let go and the buggy stops dead. I’m sure every parent knows the fear of a lose buggy and the addition of the Auto Stop means that you are protected from runaway buggies. Read more  -Rochelle Gribble (New Zealand)

Peppy Parents

"For the 2014 model year, the Navigator stroller becomes the first truly all-terrain stroller that can take two infant car seats; along with the ability to have a baby comfortably facing mom while riding! Plus, the new Navigator is the only stroller available on the market integrated with an Auto-Brake to reduce risk of accidental runaway strollers with baby harnessed inside…. in parking lots, sidewalk crossings, train platforms.  Phil & Teds determined that all it takes is a couple seconds of taking your eye of the stroller, for it to begin to roll away.  The Auto-Brake stops the stroller as soon as your hands leave the handlebar."