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Product Safety & Recalls


TS26 (Travel System 26 Car Seat Adaptors) – FREE REPLACEMENT

travel system 26

The TS26 Car Seat Adaptors attaches a Maxi Cosi, Cybex, phil&teds Alpha and Mountain Buggy Protect infant car seats to phil&teds hammerhead, black classic, explorer, dot, navigator and navigator with auto stop strollers.

Consistent with our commitment to safety we are making available to all TS26 customers a free replacement TS26.

Our continuous improvement process suggests that the TS26 is brittle at very low temperatures, and could break or crack.  We wish to avoid any such incident.

Consumers should CEASE using their TS26 car seat adaptors and register online for a free replacement.

Online order form link >  

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Only the TS26 travel system is affected and is identifiable by an identification label on the right side adaptor. New and replacement TS26 have an updated label (TS26 2.0) PLUS an additional max load label on both left and right adaptor.

TS26 travel system


TS26 and buggies/carseats it fits

Any queries please contact our trained customer services representatives by email:  

phil&teds takes product safety and safe use seriously.  We take the utmost care in designing products to meet or exceed safety standards all over the world.

We are extremely proud of our safety record, our proactive approach to product management, and our long term relationship with parents, all over the world.  Sometimes, new concerns arise outside the testing and production framework that require immediate attention. We are proud to make positive, pro-active product improvement measures.

From time to time, we’ll have a great idea to improve our products that may require an additional part or repair, modifications or replacement after the manufacturing process.   In most cases, a simple (free) replacement part is all that’s needed. If you have any concerns or questions please contact us or your retailer.  We  will be happy to respond.

Why we think upgrades & recalls are a good thing

At phil&teds safety comes first that’s why we pride ourselves on attaining relative standards for all our products and keeping up to date with legislation in all our markets and complying. The main worldwide recognised standards are the British/European (BSEN), Australian/New Zealand (AS/NZS) and American (ASTM). We exceed these and product safety standards in all 50 countries that we operate in. Also proving our dedication to the cause we’re the first and only juvenile hardware company to achieve full CPSIA compliance with the new CPSIA standard in the US - exciting stuff! - Check out our  product compliance listing .

The following products have required such action:

Date Product
08-17-2011 metoo highchair  - free repair kit
07-28-2011 explorer / hammerhead strollers  - frame upgrade
01-21-2011 sport V2 / classic V1  - hinge cover
08-16-2008 Dash Inline Buggy  - handle mechanism (certain models)
01-04-2008 e3 sport V1  - hinge cover

In USA please refer to  for further details.

Metoo Highchair Recall - free repair kit


Consistent with our unwavering commitment to safety, and in conjunction with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, phil&teds USA is announcing a voluntary Recall to Repair of metoo clip-on highchairs sold after May 2006.  This Recall is being conducted in response to reports that one or both table clamps have come free from a table or other surface, posing fall and amputation hazards to children. There have been 19 reported incidents, including two incidents involving sever and, in one case, permanent finger injury to children under 18-months old.

Safety is our first priority. You should stop using the metoo clip-on highchair immediately, and order a free repair kit that we are making available to metoo owners. Owners of chairs without plastic spacers will receive a repair kit consisting of new instructions, rubber clamp boots, and plastic spacers. Replacement Instructions are available to all customers on our website.

To receive a free repair kit, please do either of the following:

1. Order by phone: call phil&teds Customer Care at 1-855-652-9019 between the hours of 9am and 5pm Mountain Time; or

2. Order online:  Click here to order online

To receive new user instructions, please visit our website . phil&teds stresses that all users should read and adhere to the new instruction manual which contains valuable safety tips and service recommendations.

Should you have any questions please contact one of our trained customer service representatives at: 1-855-652-9019 or

CPSC Press Release

Explorer / Hammerhead strollers - frame upgrade


We’re always seeking ways to improve the function and safety of products through our continuous innovation program, and when feasible to do so we make those improvements available to owners of older versions of the product.

We implemented the upgrade in production some months ago, creating ‘Series 2’ Explorer and Hammerhead buggies, and are undertaking an initiative to make the new brake available to owners of Series 1 (pre January 2011) Explorer and Hammerhead buggies, identifiable by serial numbers between 0610/0001(June 2010, unit number 1),  and 0111/4788(January 2011, unit number 4788).  The serial numbers are read as follows – MMYY/unit number

In cooperation with the CPSC and Health Canada, phil&teds, USA is announcing a recall of our explorer and hammerhead strollers. The brakes may fail on affected strollers, posing a risk of injury. This will involve, free of charge to all affected consumers, a new brake assembly.

Our solution is to replace the brake assembly with the upgraded ‘Series 2’ system.  In the case of explorer owners phil&teds will send consumers a complete new frame fitted with a new brake assembly.  Explorer consumers can perform an in-home swap out of the affected frame.  For hammerhead consumers, phil&teds will provide a pre-paid return shipping carton so the stroller can be returned to phil&teds where the brake assembly will be replaced and the stroller returned to you.

Higher than normal warranty repair levels have been recorded in other countries, to Series 1 hammerhead and explorer strollers, and reports of users experiencing brake failure, which of course presents a potential safety risk.  There have been no incidents reported in the USA or Canada.

We ask that you identify if your stroller is affected (see below). If it is, stop using the stroller immediately and request a free brake assembly upgrade by either:

  1. clicking on the link below and submitting your information in the form
  2. or via the dedicated toll free phone line –   1-855-652-9019.

NOTE: this only applies to pre-January-2011 explorers and hammerheads; it does not apply to newer explorers and hammerheads which already have the Series 2 brake; nor does it apply to any other model of phil&teds buggy.

Click here to register for your free frame upgrade

CPSC and Health Canada joint release 

sport V2 / classic V1 - hinge cover


Consistent with our unwavering commitment to safety we are providing consumers with notice of a voluntary recall to repair and upgrade the discontinued sport v2 and classic v1 strollers, manufactured between March 2008 and June 2010.

In cooperatio

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