dash product update

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phil&teds have taken on board the message that, “A high profile, open and successful product recall will give a strong positive message to your customers. Customers will see that your company is working in their best interests.”

In essence product recalls are good for product safety and, at phil&teds, safety comes first.

phil&teds are very proud that recently we have completed a product recall, worldwide, to replace the frames on a batch of our dash buggies.

phil&teds received 10 reports, from 3 of the 45 countries that we sell buggies in, of the apparent failure of the trigger actuated hinge lock mechanism to engage on one side. Even though this represented only 0.1% of buggies that had been shipped this was distressing and one report is one too many.

Though the affected numbers were low phil&teds acted promptly and decided to recall all dash stock – 11,147 buggies – and replace the buggy frames. The final step is to check that all dash buggy owners, for their own piece of mind, make a final check of their frame. A buggy with a frame serial number CD0108/XXXX/XXXXX through to CD0808/XXXX/XXXXX will need a replacement frame – if you have one of these serial numbers click here to register your details, or contact your retailer or distributor (this will also show you how to find your serial number).

All new dash buggies shipped from November 2008 onwards have the new & improved frame.

This prompt action means that customers can be fully reassured and we now have a safer, better product.

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