an aussie generous gem!

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“When a generous gem donates their pre-loved buggy where does it go? What happens to it? And why do they choose to do so?” I hear you say!

Meet Cherie.  Cherie and Earl celebrated their 15th Wedding Anniversary last week, she’s a mum to four boys and lives in Aussie!

“We have four boys: Josh 10, Thomas 8, Luke just turned 3 and Ben is 18 months.  I am passionate about prams and child restraints; and photography as a hobby.  As you can imagine life is pretty busy with after school activities and playgroup etc.  We enjoy fishing, picnics and walking around our suburb as well as short holidays in caravan parks.

Earl is a self employed Air-conditioning/refrigeration mechanic and I run his business from home.  I love buggies and have owned 28 in total, Earl was pretty happy when I donated one back to phil&teds to the Buggies for Good programme!” Says Cherie, mum of four boys!


The men in Cherie’s life!

So what made Cherie want to donate?

“The orange sport was one that I ‘rescued’ from e-bay.  It had clearly been miss treated by its owner and needed some TLC.  I decided it would be a project for me and that I would renovate it and try and re-sell for a profit.  12 months later it was still sitting in our garage, I saw the buggies for good programme and decided that was an excellent idea since I didn’t have the time or motivation to renovate it myself.”

Cherie has collected A LOT of buggies she told us “ I am one of those crazy women who have owned over 28 prams (no more than 6 at a time) and the Sport is at the top of my list.”  We want to thank our generous phil&teds head Cherie, without these donations this awesome programme wouldn’t be possible.

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