A self confessed phil&tedsaholic, super mum & teacher – Carolyn!

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Here at phil&teds HQ we genuinely feel like we know Carolyn, her name is well known around the office as being such a phil&teds head! A true super star, the face of our “buggies for good” appeal poster and a super mum!

buggies for good poster

Of course we wanted to hear just how Carolyn does it!  Not just off exploring or smart travels, but about being a mother, looking after the girls and the boy in her life…as well as life as an independent woman (sorry to go all Girl Power on you there!)  So Carolyn is going to blog about her & her clan…so sit back, grab a wine/coffee (depending on what time zone you are in!) and enjoy Carolyn’s first instalment.

Carolyn's family of phil&teds buggies!

“I live with my husband Craig and our all-pink family of girls in Canberra, Australia.  My oldest daughter Rachel is 21 years old, our next daughter Grace is 5 years old and our last pink daughter Tilly is 2 years old.  A lot of parenting has been done over the last 2 decades, with at least another 2 decades of parenting/nurturing to go… I am a school teacher and am enjoying a year off to spend time with our girls before returning to part-time teaching next year.  Most of my family live here in the same town as me and its great for my girls to have such close relationships with their extended family.  My sister and I have something hugely in common besides blood/DNA – we are both married to 2 brothers.  So we share the same in-laws, the same nieces/nephews and my sister is not only my sister, she is also my sister-in-law. We argue over who has got the better brother – I do, of course – and we love sharing the same mother/father-in-law.  As all our children have very similar DNA, they look very similar, more like siblings than cousins.  Family gatherings are a blast!

a whole lotta buggy!

Some people may say that I am a little bit obsessed with Phil & Ted prams but that’s not true – I am A LOT obsessed (with good reason though). If I’m not buying P&T prams, I’m buying the P&T accessories to go with them.  I have had quite a few P&T prams over the years – I have owned a few E3s, a Sport or two, a Dash, an Explorer and a Smart.  I am only down to two prams now – the Explorer and Smart are my current faves.  Craig is very supportive of my pram addiction, luckily, and he is used to me spending time at the computer researching the latest or greatest model before it magically appears in my car boot some time later.  Its not my fault though – phil&teds keep bringing out such brilliant prams!!  But time is ticking away and my girls are growing up.  Craig has had the ‘snip’ (vasectomy) so there’ll be no more children for us.  So what will I do when my girls are too old for Phil & Ted’s prams???  A scary question but a reassuring answer – I will just wait until grandchildren come along (hurry up Rachel) and buy P&T prams for them!”

Carolyn & her 2 youngest, Grace, 5 & Tilly 2 with the smart & the explorer

A humongous thanks to Carolyn and we look forward to hearing from her again soon!

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