ever wondered how & where to use the wriggle wrapper

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Have you got a little monkey that wriggles about, at the dinner table, on the bed, on a plane, on the train?  Pretty much everywhere?!?!  Fear not now fellow parents of the world.  phil&teds have the wriggle wrapper that stops kiddie winkles with ants in their pants.

They’re a bit of a god send for parents to be honest, check out how the wriggle wrapper can be used!

Donna in Scotland has it down to an art!  Here’s a pic of little Donald enjoying his train journey with the wriggle wrapper.

“I got the wriggle wrapper before Donald (now 10.5 months) was born.  So far we’ve used itse it on train journeys.  We live in Flodigarry on the Isle of Skye and it’s a 6 hour train ride or more whenever we go down to Glasgow or Edinburgh.  We’ve used it in Portugal and next month we’re going to Oslo and we’re taking it with us.  I haven’t tried it on the plane but I bet that would work too!  Donald loves it because at the right height he uses it to stand and look out the window” – It ceratinly does work on a plane, our own in house product tester Alicia has used it heaps!

Check out little George in his younger years with the wriggle wrapper…

Georgie at the supermarket

Georgie in his high chair

…he’s had to hang  up the wriggle wrapper now as he’s a big boy!

If you have the wriggle wrapper and you want to share your pics just email [email protected] and we’ll add them to this post for all to see – sharing is caring after all!

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3 comments on “ever wondered how & where to use the wriggle wrapper

  1. That’s so cute ! And wow what timing – my little one has just yesterday figured out how to get up out of the grocery trolley/basket – I’m taking that wriggle wrapper with me. He scared the heck out of me when he was up in just a flash!


  2. i havent seen anything in the world like it!
    my oh my this is great stuff. i’m gonna get one for all my cousins back in Canada so they can stop their little houdini’s from sneakin out of their seats!!

  3. i dunno about these things, i just dunno.
    they’re really a shame to society!! to think someone spent all that time to invent this is just outrageous!!
    my little sunshine just screamed when i put it on him!

    i just dont recommend ’em…