World Tour: two parents & a little lady – a whole lot of adapting & surviving!

We’ve been lucky enough to team up with an awesome French Family who are currently on their Round the World trip with their two year old daughter.  A whole lot of adpating & surviving will be going on for Vanina, Maxime et Maylis!

Here’s their first instalment, just before leaving Paris and venturing out into the big wide world!

“Paris – October 24th – Midnight:

I’m writing these lines, being surrounded by cartons and bubble pack rolls. In seventy-two hours, Maxime and I will totally empty and give back our apartment, where we’ve been living for three years and gave birth to our daughter Maylis, fourteen months old today. In ten days, after  a short stay with Maxime’s family in the South West of France (I said goodbye to mine today, in Aix-en-Provence), we’ll leave France for a World Tour that will last ten months.
We have matured this family project for a long time, and it corresponds to several deep wishes:
  • Spend full time with our daughter in her very early childhood;
  • Experience other cultures and very learn from them;
  • Discover exceptional landscapes – natural as well as  urban;
  • At certain occasions, meet friends of ours “exiled” from France.
Maxime will also practice his passion, trail races, by participating to several  in some destinations.
In a chronologic order, we will go to :
  • USA (New-York (via London), California, Seattle and Hawaï)
  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Easter Island
  • French Polynesia
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Indonesia (Bali)
  • Vietnam
  • China (Hong-Kong and Beijing and its surroundings)
  • And Japan.
We have been preparing our departure for many months. Overall, we have been thinking a lot about the possible difficulties linked to a trip with a baby (we only made our decision after taking the advice of our pediatrician and of young parents who had already done a World Tour with their children).

Maylis checking out her bed for the next 10 months!

We also had an important administrative part to achieve, evaluate the budget of the whole trip (which determined its feasibility!), ask for parental vacation to our respective employers, advise the owner of our apartment that we would leave it, advise the Day Care that Maylis would not be attending anymore, choose a good insurance… Building the itinerary was also an exciting but never-ending part; having almost achieved it, we finally changed the whole direction of the Tour, from East to West, in order to fit better with the seasons in each country! The medical part was also very important (multiple vaccinations, especially for Maylis, and a reserve of prescription drugs that entailed a great part of the budget… Hopefully they will not be useful, despite their cost)

About sports, Maxime ran his last Fench race this morning, the marathon of Vincennes, 42 happy kilometers… and an extra 195 meters that made him miss his time goal of three hours, by one damned minute! Next one: a short trail race in California (12 km).
We will regularly send you news about our World Tour, in particular our experiences of travelling with a baby. Maylis is deeply sleeping in a Traveller that will be her bed and familiar refuge wherever we go during 10 months. Hopefully she will appreciate it as much when we are twenty thousand kilometers away from here… We’ll tell you!”
Thanks to our Vanina, Maxime and Maylis for their first post and they’ll be updating us throughout!

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3 comments on “World Tour: two parents & a little lady – a whole lot of adapting & surviving!

  1. Have a great trip, can’t wait to hear how it goes! 14 months is a great time to travel! Took our first son to Israel, England, and Mexico from 14-18 months. We did not have our p&t travel cot back then, wish we had! Oh and I LOVE Argentina and Chile! I lived for 18 months in Argentina and my mother was born in Chile (only got to visit there for a week but so lovely, would love to get back!) Seems you already made your plans, but if there is any flexibility, make it to Machu Picchu in Peru!!!

  2. Hi Ann STucki

    I am Max (one of the world tripper). We wished we could do the inca trail ( that I did 2 years ago) but there is a matter of altitude with the baby : before 2 years it seems that is not very good to do so hgh places… next trip. Last week we did 1900 m in the yosemite park ( you will see it on the next post) and it was great!

    Keep in touch