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Hello from sunny Rome, Italy! We had the surprise of an offer from Opera di Roma for my husband last month so the day after Christmas, off we were for a month in Italy. We had read and heard that Rome is not a super child friendly city, but with our friends phil&teds, nothing is impossible. Double stroller in hand (and with our phil&teds travel cot) we were ready to go. 
In the photo above, while we were dealing with jet lag, we bundled the kids up and took a “sleepy walk” to admire St. Peters and Vatican City at night.
We have a very cute little apartment up this hill and are so grateful for a wonderful in-line. A side by side stroller would not fit up the sidewalk, or many places in Rome for that matter! Cars come down this hill at very high speeds so we are happy to keep out little ones contained and safe. We are also so happy to have fat air filled tires! We can simply jump small curbs and take on cobblestone with no problems. There is a lot of uneven ground but the Explorer handles it all well. My kids love the new sun hoods, and I love how comfortable my daughter looks in the extra padded seat up front. She is still a good stroller sleeper.
Near the Colosseum, letting Jane take a break. She loves to find little places to sit down, and then runs away from us.

Outside the Castel Sant’ Angelo on yet another sleepy walk.

In the Piazza Navona for a Christmas fair celebrating La Befana for January 6. We are adding her to our Christmas traditions.

Piazza del Popolo and some amazing bubbles!

GELATO!!! Even though it is winter, it is not too cold to eat good ice cream. Sadly, this cone was over-priced since we were too close to touristy areas. We have found to not buy food in high traffic tourist spots as they are usually lower quality and way more money! If possible, try to avoid places that speak to you in English and if you want to eat well, follow the Roman meal times (which is a little late for us with kids). There is great food to be had off the beaten path.

Campo di Flori

And when our little guys get too tired from walking all over Rome, they can both take a little snooze.

We are really so in love with Rome! It is a very walkable city. I bet we average about 4-6 miles a day of walking, and we love exploring all the little neighborhoods. They have lots of great public transportation. Be mindful that if you come with a stroller and are taking the metro, stations with elevators are very limited so be ready to carry everything up some stairs. We have not been to any museums and only into a few churches so far, but at ages 4 and 2, our kids are not quite museum goers right now. There will be time later for more museums but for now, we are just enjoying! One month is not enough time to really get to know this wonderful city! Come to Italy, and don’t be afraid to bring your kids!

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