it’s a high five for the phil&teds highpod….

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Some of you may be aware…some may not!  We value our consumers feedback, that’s how we develop & evolve all of our products (not just our buggies!!).  Last year we introduced the phil&teds propeller head product testing programme which generates great ideas for improvements, safety feedback & real experience!

The highpod feedback has been so great and we wanted to share it with you guys

“LOVED IT!!!!!! I am so pleased with the functionality…I have such a messy eater and this makes clean up SOOOO much easier. It is honestly a breeze! My only request would be to create a few more colors 🙂 ”

Leah, Georgetown [propellerhead feedback, 22/12/2010]

“We have had all sort of food all over the highpod – squishy banana, cheese, soft veggies but all have been easily cleaned off!!  First photo is of the remains of chicken stir fry and the second of tuna. Both times the highpod cleaned up fabulous – pretty much as new! We are still extremely happy with the highpod!!”

Jackie, Tasmania [propellerhead feedback, 9/12/2010]

“Stylish- super cute and none of the baby bear ugly baby gear! This you are proud to have in your kitchen.”
“Love the molded seat that is easy to clean.  I had a typical highchair with my first and hated those cracks- the food that would hide in there!”
“The form of the seat in a curve seams to hold a baby upright sooner than they even have the muscles to sit. Where as in another highchair my baby would have been more wobbly.”
Nicole, Concord, NC [propellerhead feedback 1/1/2011]

“I love the look of the highpod.  As the chair doesn’t fold away and therefore on show all the time, it’s important that it look stylish.”
“When the little man was especially wriggly, my partner would use the recline when undoing the harness.  That way bubs couldn’t suddenly spring forward and fall.”

Amanda, Paraparaumu, NZ [propellerhead feedback 9/12/2010]

“Also love the 5 different height positions.  On the highest position, and without the tray, I was able to sit bubs at the breakfast bar with some toys while I was in the kitchen.  Think he enjoyed being higher up and part of the action.”

“The highpod is functional, keeps baby upright and snug, large snack attack tray which allows for more exploration – like Ben enjoying his pumpkin and spuds.”

Lucia, Northam, Australia [propellerhead feedback 9/12/2010]

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