A very kind and generous phil&teds head!

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It’s been a whirl wind of natural events of late.  The Christchurch earthquake hit the hearts of many people, globally, whether a Kiwi or not.  Then, a matter of weeks later a 5.4 magnitude earthquake hit China on March 10, and the very next day a whopping 9.0magnitiude earthquake, followed by tsunami hit Japan.

It’s been quite shocking, and we’ve heard stories from our people who have been in the thick of these devastating situations.  Just recently we heard from a phil&teds owner, Michael, who was in the thick of the Japan ‘quake and tsunami.  We first found out about Michael when we received this picture and email:

“Hi philandteds, just a quick to to say how unreal your pram is. We live in Sendai and were there for the quake, and had to flee the city on foot. While looking for somewhere to shelter we had our 1 and 3 year olds – and it was freezing temp and snowing. Thank god for the sleeping bags! After 30 mins of walking they were happy sleeping and warm!! Wish we had a adult size pram as its been their home for a few days.  We are fine now, we lost everything in the tsunami but back in Australia now and we donated the pram to others as it will deff come in handy!! thanks again !!”
So, not only did Michael and his family live through this huge ordeal, walk away with nothing but their phil&teds, they gave that away too.  The act of giving to someone is utterly moving!  Now Michael and his family are back in Australia.  This actual pic was taken about 15 minutes before the earthquake.  Michael told me: “It was so handy in the shelters as there was no blankets.  We are doing ok thanks. But the guilt of leaving everyone is pretty intense, also the wind scares our 3 year old witch is a bit sad, but all in all we are good!  A lot better than most in Japan.”
What a man, with such perspective.  I know from the Christchurch earthquake that the sense of community has developed into such an important, solid thing.  Here at phil&teds everyone has wanted to help in one way or another.    The courageous Michael is now on a mission to help his beloved Japan:  “I’m heading back over on my own soon to help out, and we are trying to raise a bit of cash back here to donate too (prob more to help us feel better about things too ). But hey we were so stoked with the pram it pulled through in the centre of one of the world’s biggest disasters!  And now there is a homeless Japanese family getting around with a phil&teds pram , that makes me happy :)”

Michael is in the middle of organising a dinner to raise money and they’re been offered heaps of donations to raise cash!  phil&teds will be offering buggies under the “Buggies for Good” programme – it’s all about joining together & helping each other out, even if it does make you feel like it’s to make you feel better.  Do it to make someone’s life  easier & happier – it’s not a selfish thought.


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