why go inline? Let iMama TV’s Kate explain…

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phil&teds were tweeted as this arvo – sounds a bit rude doesn’t it?  Well, it’s not!  It’s the land of micro-blogging on twitter!  Kate from iMama tv shared her awesome video about going for an inline buggy over a double!  We love, (obviously), that Kate went with the phil&teds’ explorer.

Check out Kate’s view of choosing her buggy for two…

“When I found out I was expecting my second baby, we couldn’t decide whether or not to buy a double buggy. We live in the countryside and the thought of wheeling such a wide load along narrow little pathways filled me with dread.
Then, we discovered the brilliant design that is the Phil & Teds….” READ & SEE FULL VIDEO

You can follow iMama TV on twitter @iMamatv, and  check out their FB page here

We’d love to hear your comments about your preference of double on inline & why?

Thanks guys!


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