Good enough for Royalty…

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phil&teds love spotting anything p&t in a crowd.

phil&teds heads are always keeping their eyes peeled for all things p&t, whether it be at the city market on a Sunday, or  pottering along Oriental Parade in Wellington (added an image just to make you all jealous!).

But what we love even more is when we go overseas or see one of our buggies shakin’ it’s tail feather in a magazine or on a website.

I remember when I was interviewed for phil&teds I asked our CEO what his fondest memory was, and he said “Pulling up to a set of traffic lights by London’s Hyde Park to see a phil&teds sport crossing the road! At that moment I felt proud.” said our chief cook & bottle washer, Campbell.

We just love The Little Hip Traveller post about their sport

And it is so true, when I was back in London at Christmas I was spotting away.  So when I saw this post of the Royals with an explorer I felt a sense of pride: not only for the explorer, but for the royals having pretty pucka choice too

Here is Pricess Anne and Savannah Phillips in the explorer.

Autumn and Savannah Phillips exploring!

Thanks to the daily mail & Hello for the pics & articles!

Have a great weekend & get out to stores to have a perve at the verve!!


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