sleek…stylish & verve-aceous.

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Introducing the4WD  uptown inline.

The verve is the uber sleek, uptown 4WD inline from phil&teds.  It was showcased at 2010’s Kind & Jugend trade show (the mac daddy of juvenile shows, don’t you know!); the verve received extensive excitement & compliments on its curvaceous compact design.  Our friends at Best Buys 4Baby attended the show and have been sitting on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the arrival of the verve!


We asked Vanessa – Director of Best Buys 4 Baby, what it was that made her heart flutter at the sight of the verve.  Was it the curved compact frame & feather light handing:, or the dual front wheels, with suspension? “I thought that parents who enjoy the manoeuvrability, and the slim lines of the classic phil&teds inline would love the added practicality that those two 10″ wheels offer.  The option for parents to choose either a 3 or 4 wheels means that they can make the best choice to suit their family lifestyle.” said Vanessa.

The verve has become the must have, even before hitting the market – in demand!  Consumers have been chasing our tails to find out more about it, the price and availability.  The verve takes two kids, and offers value for money as well as oozing style;  stallion for the price of a stallion, not a donkey for the price of a car!  Rachel is a fellow New Zealander and is pretty much a self-confessed fanatic.  She hasn’t held back telling us just why she cannot wait to own the verve:

“Where do I start with the verve? For me, it has got the styling I love, with the modern and sleek aluminum framing and unisex contemporary seats. It will look great alongside my highpod, smart, lobster and traveller because the design aesthetics all go together so nicely. The adjustable handle means that my 6’4″ friend can push it just as easily as my 5’2″ mum! (*drool*).”
We’re not gonna lie people, we like it!  Want to know a bit more about what makes the verve the uptown sleek 4WD?
Watch the video…


kids are optional. style is not.

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2 comments on “sleek…stylish & verve-aceous.

  1. These ‘wheels’ do look great! But, personally, the slogan makes me nervous. Kids to style comparison, even if it is to make a point, is a bit off the map.

  2. I love the idea of having something soooooooooooo styley!!!! I totally agree that just cos you’re having a baby, you don’t have to compromise on looks! It’s great in the video that the lady takes the buggy without the kids – great work PT, I want one!!!!