Someone is getting kicked out of our phil&teds…

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Not to be too graphic but we as we were preparing for Christmas and leaving for Italy for a month on December 26th, I was waiting for my monthly feminine time. It seemed like I was a couple days late. I thought it was just waiting to arrive inconveniently on the day we were to leave (to make the transcontinental day of travel extra fun!) It is not like me to be late so we wondered. On Christmas Eve after our festivities, my husband Brian ran out to a local pharmacy in the last 10 minutes they were open to get a special little test. Very, very quickly, the test was positive. I was in shock (and still am a bit) as this is not quite the timing we had planned. I very selfishly hoped to NEVER be pregnant through the late summer. We are excited nonetheless and very lucky to grow our family.

The first ever Stucki photo p&t fell in love with!!

I suppose babies come when they want to at times. We were hoping for a baby by the end of next year so we are just a few months ahead of schedule. I have been way sicker with this pregnancy than with my other two, which is hard when there are two kids who need attention. I have felt like a very lame mom with next to zero energy, but am on the upswing of the second trimester. Funny how growing our family makes me feel like a bad mom. Oh well, what are we to do? From the Chinese Zodiac it is the year of the Rabbit, which is the zodiac sign for both my husband and I. Fun that we get to have a Rabbit child. Guess it makes sense that we would be pregnant, knowing rabbits. So how to wean my 5 year old from our phil&teds?

Just last week I took my two kids and my niece to the park and Colin (the 5 year old) was begging his cousin to give him a turn in the stroller on the way home. We have been emphasizing that he is getting strong legs for hiking (as we live in the Wasatch Mountains when we are home) but he still loves a ride. They are truly phil&teds kids and have grown up in their strollers! When I ask Colin why he likes the stroller, he just says he likes getting a ride. Can’t blame him, we go on some long walks. My little 2 year old was very cute the other day. Our stroller was by our door and as she walked by she said, “I belong to this stroller!”

Fellow phil&teds heads, how have you adapted and survived going from 2 to 3 kids? How do you get your bigger kids out of the stroller?
(Since our kids have grown up with a phil&teds stroller, I made a little slide show of Colin and Jane through the years with their beloved stroller friends)


Ann Stucki

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