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I recently welcomed our baby girl into the world and have forged full speed ahead into parenthood.  I am thankful that we seem to have a relatively chilled little baby (so far), who sleeps and feeds as you might expect.  This settling in period has been marked by all the usual family and friends visits, for which I am grateful, but at 3 weeks we decided to take our first weekend away – from Sydney to exotic Canberra  to show off the baby to my cousin.

We evaluated our options and decided taking the train would be the best for us as novice parents.  Since we don’t have a car, we would have had to hire one, and I envisioned having to stop 20 times to feed/change/settle the baby, and never actually reaching our destination before the weekend was out.  Since my cousin lived near a station, it also meant we didn’t need to lug around a carseat as we could just walk to her house.  I looked into the specifics online and CountryLink has really inexpensive tickets to start off with, gave us a free seat for the baby, and booked us into the front row/ bulkhead-style seats so we would have more room.

Thankfully everything I needed for the baby could be packed into our Smart stroller with the Peanut bassinet.  We strolled to Central train station in Sydney, rolled down the aisle to our seats, popped off the bassinet and set it on the large tray table for our front row seats, and stowed the folded pram + diaper bag in the luggage racks just above.  Quick and easy.  She slept (like a baby) most of the train ride down but whenever she did start to fuss I could easily pick her up/feed/etc. without having to stop the journey.  Also when she was sleeping, both my partner and I could sleep and try to catch up.  I think driving in our sleep deprived state would be a safety hazard in itself.

The bassinet was the perfect safe place for her all weekend in my cousin’s house and she slept peacefully (in her standard 2-3 hr chunks) in it for the night so I didn’t need anything extra.  In the morning we walked to the local Sunday markets and while I shopped at all the cute stalls, my partner took on baby duty, happily pushing her around.  The follow-me shade was also invaluable for all those turns because the second the bright sun hit her sleeping eyes, they shot open and we had to feed her THAT MINUTE.   Our ride home was equally pleasant and I caught a photo of my partner and the baby sleeping away the ride, cuddled up.


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