Roughing it on the Farm

We were invited to share a country farmhouse with a couple of other families over a long weekend and jumped at the chance to escape the city.  As much as I love the hustle and bustle and general accessibility of living in the city, it’s so nice to take a break and enjoy trees and stars.  As our baby gets older I want to make sure she appreciates the simple things like sitting by a campfire or skipping stones on the lake.

So off we went on a 5 hour drive (which ended up being 8 ) due West from Sydney, over the Blue Mountains, past Orange to the country farmland around Lake Burrendong with our 6 week old baby.  The small country towns we passed along the way were ablaze with oranges, reds, and yellows from the Autumn leaves and I’d like to think when she gazed out the window at the light, she was seeing some of the beauty.

The farmhouse is occasionally used by members of my friend’s family which means it was a delightful hodgepodge of furniture, dishes, and sporting equipment scattered inside a wood clad building with an immense wrap around patio and wood furnace.  We were completely off the grid as the rainwater tank, solar panels, and windmills would attest.  Also, we had our fair share of creepy crawlies and cautiously consulted the laminated spider identification poster on the fridge before brushing away some of the cobwebs in our bedroom.  Australia sure seems to have a greater than average percentage of vicious insects.

During the day we drove over to Mudgee where my husband enjoyed the brewery and wine tasting while I dove into all those lovely soft cheeses I couldn’t have while I was pregnant.  Baby was a good sport despite all the stops in and out of the car seat.

That night we were the first family rostered to cook dinner, so we bundled up the baby and let her kick around in her safe spot on the floor of the kitchen – in The nest we had brought with us.  To keep out any crawling visitors, I didn’t hesitate to zip up the mesh screen top to it either.  By the time dinner was ready, she was fast asleep and we just carried the nest over to the dining room for a while, and then onto the back deck to stargaze before bed and watch the older kids drew their names in the night with burning sticks from the campfire.  I slept much better knowing she was safely cocooned all night even though we were in a new place and the mattress did a pretty good job of keeping her warm, up off the chilly wooden floor.

Throughout the weekend we carried the baby along with us everywhere of course, but as she sleeps so much at this point, it’s good to have a portable safe spot to put here down where I don’t have to worry about her.  At the end we packed up the sheets for the bed, 3 sets of towels, two wraps, and all the baby clothes in the storage compartment of the nest bag.  I was surprised at how much it held – helped to contain the mess in the back of the car on the way home.
I think everyone should take a break from their “regular life” and just gaze at all those stars…even if your geeky friend sitting next to you on the folding camping chair insists on using an iPhone app to tell you where the constellations are.

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About the author:

I'm Tasmin, a photographer and the mother of a boisterous 2 yr old daughter Waverley and new baby boy Charleston. After doing (too much) research when I was first pregnant I became a Phil & Teds convert and love using all their toys to make my life as a mum easier. My partner and I love to travel and Waverley has 5 countries on her passport already! I have also co-founded Portrait Equality which loans instant cameras to travelling photographers so they can give out family portraits along their journey. Enjoy following us on our journeys as we share them with you and our families..

3 comments on “Roughing it on the Farm

  1. I also miss the stars in winter time. Although our small burg in Texas doesn’t even come close to qualifying as a city, the lights still interfere with star gazing. I so miss the cold winter nights in Missouri walking the dogs in the back field. I loved the crisp crunch of snow underfoot, the sight of my breath in the air, and the brightness of the stars while listening to my happy dogs bounding through the woods. I am so happy you had a chance to enjoy the outdoors and to sit awhile and just experience the awe of God’s creation.

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