Volutary upgrade of early model explorer & hammerhead strollers

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There’s been quite a bit of talk in the last few days about our voluntary upgrade of early model explorer and hammerhead’s, and so we just want to share some thoughts & info with you about our in-market product upgrades.  As with any action of this nature the story can get a little skewed.  But we think this is a great thing, and here’s why:

It’s voluntary! No one’s asked us to do this, and there have been no incidents to kick it off! We’re  continuously improving generations of our products, and in the case of the explorer & hammerhead we’ve figured out how to make the brakes ‘even more robust’ (the original ones passed all the worldwide testing) yet easier to ‘actuate’.  Having put that into production we want to make the new mechanism retrospectively available to owners.

Why we’re doing this?

We think it’s a good thing to do! We’ve been surprised we’ve had a few more warranty repairs that we expect on the earlier models due to broken brakes, and some users have suggested that they keep using products with broken brakes. Yikes!  Whilst no incident has ensued we’d rather err on the side of caution.

What kind of testing do we do?

  • our buggies are tested for 400kms/250 miles on variable terrain for 80 plus hours
  • our traveller can cope with frame loading equivalent to 90kg/200lbs
  • a weight of 18kg/40lbs has been dropped into each of the metro and escape seats 49,900 times.   Phew – exhausted? We are!

Oddly some people have viewed this action negatively.  We’re always disappointed when someone does because we think it’s the action of an open, safety & user focused business.  And we’re ever hopeful that by being proactive our actions will be judged by the benefit, not the cause!

Read all information on the earlier models of the hammerhead and the explorer here!

We’re offering a free frame swap to owners of the early model hammerhead and explorer that were purchased before January 2011.  You can order your free frame swap here!

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2 comments on “Volutary upgrade of early model explorer & hammerhead strollers

  1. Hello,
    I contact phil&teds France custumers’ service and they told me, the upgrade was only for product out of the européen market. canb you confirm this information or not? I leave in france and I have an explorer since septembre 2010. Can you tell me if i am concern by this upgrade. thank you

  2. Amazon.com sent an email to me regarding the upgrade. They called it a recall. P&T customer service responded quickly to my repair submit and said they put my name on a list and I would get an update on the new brake soon. I live in the US.