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I just had to share this story with you about phil&teddy’s!  As you know, last week I presented the phil&teds scholarship at the Surgical Research Trust annual meeting.  I got to meet the amazing faces behind the trust and loved hearing all about their amazing work, and how we can make a difference!  The wonderful Julie from the SRT, who works at Wellington Hospital  shared this amazing story with me, and I wanted to share it with you!

“I had the opportunity to shadow one of our doctors on an evening shift last Friday night.  We were called to the paediatric ward late in the evening to put a line in a wee girl who had had a rough time in hospital for the last three weeks and nearly cried as soon as the doctor appeared, she was so afraid.  He was great at getting the line in smoothly with little distress.  It was a great opportunity for a phil&teddy, so we got a bear which the doctor delivered – the wee patient was thrilled and Mum was very interested to hear about the project and research link.
It’s nice to see first hand, the positive results our project ensures.”  Julie

Also, phil&teds were happy to donate some mini diddie prizes to the Parents Centre Organisations in Christchurch fund raiser.  Their not-for-profit organization who offer our community parent education classes from pre-birth to school.  Take a look at the winning team (who were the team with the most kids too!!)

“We managed to raise $1600… Thanks again for your amazing support of the Christchurch South Parents centre.” Vicky


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