Waiting… by Ann Stucki

adapt. survive. adapt. survive.

Mothers out there know that life is full of surprises, Ann was very surprised when she found out she was expecting baby no. 3!  Colin wasn’t too pleased about getting kicked out of the explorer, but he soon got used to the idea.  Now Ann is waiting for her new arrival…

I have not seen my feet while standing for about 4 months. Shoes with shoe laces are very hard to put on. I have been waddling around for a long time, and going from sitting to standing, or moving in general is getting harder and harder. I am getting more and more swollen, I would not recognize my lower extremities as my own. Contractions are coming more and more, but just for practice, nothing really making things happen. I have whole new colonies of visible veins down my legs that will be a fun souvenir to keep after the baby is born. I feel super clumsy, drop things all the time and then picking them up is very hard. I keep running into our 5 and 3 year olds with my belly. I get very nauseated again since my stomach is smashed by a baby, and my abdomen seems stretched to its limit. I am in a constant state of pulling up my trousers, of which I have only a handful that still fit. And the fatigue! And the inability to get much done. Just a few of the joys of late pregnancy.

But I still love to feel the baby kick and can’t wait to meet her. Our older kids are so excited for a new baby- they both are great with little ones. I love hearing our 3 year old Jane list off the people she loves which always includes her baby sister. I am excited for labor, not only to not be pregnant anymore but I actually have always had a fascination with the process of giving birth. I trained and worked as a labor doula (to provide non-medical labor support) years before I had my own kids. Knowing how labor works and helping other women through labor before having a baby is very great preparation. I have had two very easy births and hope for an easy third. Maybe we will be surprised as birth is unpredictable but we hope for a peaceful beginning for our little one. And knowing all I know, I would happily go through pregnancy again. I am grateful for our growing family as I have seen too many friends who long for children struggle with fertility issues.

And now to keep waiting. . .

I had my final trip of this pregnancy last weekend, a family reunion in Central Utah. This pregnancy has taken me as far as Italy and Poland, but I need to stay a little closer to home for now. I was 37 weeks along (which is when I delivered my first son). While on our trip, we got to go on some mule drawn wagon rides to celebrate our Western United States heritage. I maybe should have taken a few more rough rides to get labor going.

About the author:

Prior to becoming a traveling opera wife and full-time mother, Ann Hinckley Stucki studied socio-cultural anthropology as an undergraduate and went on to receive her master’s degree in social work. She has worked in a variety of fields from health education, mental health/community/school social work, geriatrics, childbirth labor support, and disease prevention in Latin America. Her research pursuits have taken her from a Costa Rican/Nicaraguan border dispute to London, England to present graduate research at a Medical Anthropology conference. Additionally, she is an award-winning photographer and enjoys portrait work. She also teaches fire breathing. Brian Stucki has been singing professionally full-time for more than six years, taking his family on the road with him. He has sung with companies and orchestras from coast to coast and on three continents. Highlights include The Pearl Fishers with Seattle Opera, Così fan tutte with the New Israeli Opera, Haydn’s Creation, with Boston Baroque, The Barber of Seville with the Compaña Nacional de Mexico in Mexico City, and The Fall of the House of Usher with the Polish National Opera..

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