Why phil&teds support the Surgical Research Trust

Last night I attended the annual meeting of the Surgical Research Trust – an amazing trust that is run by truly remarkable people.  The trust funds incredible research which benefits all members of the New Zealand community and is of tremendous significance to the international surgical community.

phil&teds launched The Bear Programme last year by providing a phil&teddy friend to each child undergoing surgery.  phil&teddy is there to help put a smile on their face as well as providing a friend to comfort them during a scary time, as well as make children’s’ recovery just that little bit more “bear-able”.

Here’s the wee certificate the kids get to go with their phil&teddy…

This year phil&teds awarded $25,000 to Professor Pringle, and I was lucky enough to present the award to him.  Professor Pringle is a paediatric surgeon who saves lives and conducts surgery on a daily basis.

“The Surgical Research Trust in association with phil&teds are pleased to announce that the 2011 phil&teds Scholarship has been awarded to Prof. Kevin Pringle of the Wellington School of Medicine and Health Sciences. The project “Studies on the effect of bladder outlet obstruction on the development of the kidneys and bladder in the foetal lamb” will build on the extensive research that Professor Pringle has done in this area, with over 15 publications to date in peer reviewed journals. The Surgical Research Trust is delighted partner with phil&teds to support this important research” said the Trusts chairman Prof. Geoffrey Horne.

For me, this had a real meaning… When I read one of the case studies I couldn’t believe it!  I was about six months old when I was diagnosed with Hirschsprung disease (a developmental disorder of the enteric nervous system).  I was lucky that it has not affected me in later life; some cases can be so much more extreme.  It’s such a rare condition and is four times more common in males than in females, and occurs in about 1 in 5,000 births.  Without amazing surgeons, accompanied by research into treatment, life could have been so different – I still have the care bear from my time in hospital.  That’s why supporting the SRT, and their amazing work, is incredible to be a part of, as a company and on a personal level.

phil&teds will be launching an online auction,  with the Surgical Research Trust – to raise more funds for the amazing surgeons and/or surgical registrars to research & achieve results.  Those of us who have been in a situation whereby we, or someone we know has had surgery, or an illness can connect to their work, regardless of location – and can help!

More details to follow – We will be reaching out to phil&teds and Mountain Buggy community, as well as challenging other brand owners to donate their pre-loved buggies, that may be collecting dust int he garage, to us to spruce up & auction off!

Even if you are not in New Zealand and would like to contribute to the trust, just email the amazing Christine: [email protected]

OR if you are an organisation who would like to help drop a line to the trust!

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