phil&teds win not one, but two awards thanks to JPMA

Can I get a “Hell no!”  We’re shouting from the roof tops, and we hope everyone hears us.  A reason to gloat, a little?  Sure is.  phil&teds is the ONLY company to receive TWO JPMA innovation awards…. EVER at this year’s ABC Kids Expo – too exciting!

For those of you who appreciate and remember “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, you may remember the Carlton Dance?  We were so doing this when we heard the news back here at HQ in sunny (not) NZ!

The JPMA Innovation Awards Competition started in 1989 as the Most Innovative Product Contest and has evolved through the years to a highly recognized competition. It was officially named the “Show Off” Product Competition in 1992, however in 2003 JPMA renamed the contest to the Innovation Awards to more accurately represent the focus on innovation.

Here’s our Lindsey from Team USA who attended the show, did The Carlton Dance and is still grinning from ear to ear!

“We know it’s an honor just to be nominated, but it’s even better to win!  The 2011 JPMA Innovation Awards winners were announced at the ABC Expo that we attended last month, with a whopping 10 products taking top honors. phil&teds pulled ahead with not one, BUT TWO awards – a first in ABC history!  That’s right we’re making history!

The Innovation Awards are internationally recognized & highlight some of the most exciting new products in the marketplace today.  This year’s contest began with more than 125 entries, which were narrowed down to 62.  Products among these finalists were evaluated on their innovation, marketability, trendsetting potential, visual appeal and usefulness. The winners spanned several categories of which, phil&teds  nest™ (available to buy in NZL only) and the freerider with connector 2 (that is compatible with a number of phil&teds baby!) from Mountain Buggy both took top honors – HIGH FIVE!

It was a lot of fun to see the various companies compete, and an honor to be considered in the same category as them. Huge thanks to the judges of the JPMA Innovation Awards. Their dedication to the industry is inspiring and impactful – and we’re so happy to be apart of it.  While we’re talking about accolades, we’d like to take this chance to thank the many owners of phil&teds and Mountain Buggy who use our products daily to make their lives easier.  We can’t thank you enough for your love & support – Please share with us at the bottom of this blog with what buggy you have, and why you love it!

We all love what our company is about, we love working somewhere that you look forward to going 5 days a week, and for a company that constantly pushes the innovation envelope. And you know what’s best, we look forward to the challenge this award brings of creating more practical and pioneering products – bring it on!”

Thanks to our fantastic Design & Engineering team who are a bit of alright to be fair for making this possible!  Join the community, and the chattering about all things phil&teds!

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  1. I love our Explorer for many reasons, one of which being that my kids love it. Our 3 year old says she belongs to the stroller. I love it because the kids are comfy and I can still get out with the kids. I love the size for a double, the big tires, easy recline and adaptability, easy for travel, etc, etc, the list goes on and on!