The ability to feed children is made easier with the lobster high chair!

Feeding time is usually something that parents worry about, especially when travelling with kids in tow!  Hear first hand from Tasmin & her ability to have lobster at the table everyday!  And whilst at a friends she road-tested the highpod – an easy clean for a messy eater!

First Food is a Lobster – by Tasmin

” Now that my baby is 6 months old, we have started her on solid food and been enjoying the messiness and curiosity that can surround mashed apple and celery sticks. I wanted to encourage her to feed herself as much as possible to help with motor skills and so I can have my breakfast while she attempts to eat hers, so I was really focused on a high chair that was easy to clean. I wanted to allow the dog unfettered access underneath to help me with the clean-up effort and make running a cloth on the floor after mealtime easier than dragging out chair legs that tend to mash more things into the floor.  So of course I went with the new Lobster. I like that she can sit right up at the table with us, yet I can still fold it away into a bag when we have people over for dinner instead of trying to find a hiding place for a big high chair.

First food is a Lobster! from Phil & Teds Blog on Vimeo.


We “practiced” sitting at the table for a while, but I knew she was ready at 6 months from the host of signs including trying to leap over the table to grab our food. We started out just having breakfast together and I’m starting to regret not going for semi-gloss paint in the dining area with all the unintentional (for now) spoon throwing. Since we are moving into summer, sometimes we transfer it out to the patio table and eat al fresco. It helps to use the yellow feeding/play smock I got from Mother’s Direct instead of a bib to contain the mess. It’s suprising how much she really does eat along with how long it takes for each meal, so I’m glad she seems comfortable.


On Sunday we ventured out for lunch at our local Irish pub and she happily perched on the end of the booth table checking everyone out as they passed on their way to the bar. This was a much better alternative than using the pub’s single highchair that has seemingly been there 20 years and gnawed on by thousands of sticky children. Unfortunately you can’t use it on pedestal tables which are in many of my neighbouring cafes, but that’s when my Smart pram comes in handy, because I can just hose it down. The Lobster would be perfect to keep in the car too, but we are using for everyday meals to save space. On a visit to a friend’s house we also got to road test the Highpod. It fit in really well with her modern décor and she kept it by the dining table which was in the centre of everything in her open plan living/dining/kitchen. It was much bigger than my lobster though, so for us, I am happy with our choice.”

Tasmin Brown is a Sydney-based photographer specialising in portraits of families with children.  See more photos or contact her at or  Facebook

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