Welcome to another Stucki – no more waiting!

We’ve heard loads about Ann’s family of two mini phil&teds heads, their family travels with kids, & that someone was getting kicked out of the phil&teds!  PLUS Ann told us about the long wait for baby number three… Now share Ann’s welcoming of their newest Hinkley – Stucki – Kate!

“Since I had complained about the waiting game of the end of pregnancy I wanted to report that thankfully it did come to a nice ending with our lovely third daughter a few weeks ago. The past month has been a blur of not much sleep and lots of nursing and diapers, but we get to cuddle a very cute little baby!

Our phil&teds Explorer came in handy even while I was in labor. My water broke early in the morning on our son’s first day of kindergarten. I thought labor might go really fast like it did with my second child. We headed to our birth center, but things stopped progressing. We decided to come home and made our kids a pancake breakfast. We then loaded our 3 year old in the stroller and walked a mile to get Colin to school. I think the walk helped get things moving again, and our new little girl joined us a few short hours later. I can now add to the reason I like phil&teds, they helped me not be pregnant anymore!

Here I am with my son at school, in labor and in all my huge pregnant glory! It feels so good to not be pregnant anymore! I have extreme respect for the moms of multiples as I can barely handle gestating just one baby!

Now we begin our real parenthood adventure as we are outnumbered by our children!” – Ann Stucki

A huge congrats & welcome to Kate!

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