Donate your stroller, inspire others

phil&teds “Buggies for Good” initiative has inspired one of our favourite bloggers to give back too!

This is the letter we received from Nation of Moms:

“I just wanted to give you a quick note to let you know that phil&teds has inspired me to give back.

Since we do review quite a few strollers, ANOM has started a program where we anonymously donate strollers after we review them to local needy families that I hear via our local church.  We just started it this month with a young family of one 3 year old special needs child and twins on the way (due next month), and are very excited about this new venture, though it hasn’t yet been formally announced on the blog-azine.

It’s a good feeling to give to a hardworking family who is truly in need, and a great way to de-clutter and recycle all the wonderful strollers we have been so fortunate to receive.  Thank you for the great idea!!

A HUGE thank you!

A Nation of Moms
It’s truly heart-warming when we hear our initiatives are inspiring others to give back to their communities.  You can too:


More inspiration:

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