The Baby Guy presents phil&teds’ nest on the Martha Stewart Show

We’re happy to show you the eagerly awaited clip of ‘The Baby Guy NYC ‘ aka Jamie Grayson (Who I am now calling TBGNYC),  presenting the phil&teds nest™ on Martha Stewart Show – head to 4.15 to see the nest presso!

phil&teds nest on The Martha Stewart Show with TBG NYC

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Thanks to Jamie & Martha for showing the world our award winning nest – we know it’s a goodie, and we’re glad that others think so too!

Share your “need of a nest” story below to be in to win a nest™!

How can I win one?

Simply leave a comment below with a valid email address (will not be published), and share with us your “need of a nest” story to be in with a chance to win one & blog for us (by entering this competition you are agreeing to guest blog for us)!

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This will run until Monday 19th March & the winner announced that day!


We have a winner of the phil&teds nest! DRUM ROLL… Hannah Murphy! Below is her winning entry:

“Hi Phil and Teds.
We need a nest because its the best
We have travel plans east and west but yet no place for Lilly to rest.
We have a baby i need to snooze come on p and t don’t let us lose!!”

Thanks to everyone who entered!

Nics phil&teds





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39 comments on “The Baby Guy presents phil&teds’ nest on the Martha Stewart Show

  1. I “need a nest”! we travel often with our two young children to see my parents-in-law and we have to use an OLD timber travel cot that is HUGE!! a nest would be the prefect companion for our quick trips away! 🙂

  2. We would love to win Phil and Teds Nest. My husband and I have not had an away honeymoon and are planning one this spring/summer with our little one. We hope to win a nest so we will not have to travel with a playard or use the hotel crib. Winning the nest will give us peace of mind our little one will not only protected while we sleep but also give us the option of taking her around with us yet providing her with a comportable bed where ever we go. Thanks for the contest and consideration :).

  3. My husband and I are going away at the end of April and we have a 5 month old baby boy!! We have been looking at portable cribs to buy and came across the Phil and Teds Nest! We think it’s perfect for traveling, not bulky and light….not to mention extremely portable!! We will be visiting friends’ homes when we were away and we be transporting our baby back and forth and just thought that the Nest is the way to go!! We wouldn’t need to worry about setting up a crib when we get to our friends house then taking it down when we leave and carrying the bulky crib with us. The Nest just seems so simple and fuss free!! (which is always great with a baby!!) Thank you for this opportunity!!!

  4. Wow this looks great! As busy foster carers specialising in caring for babies and toddlers (3 at a time)this would prove invaluable for taking to contacts, on our camping trips and keeping in the car for impromptu picnics. What a great idea – we promise it would get lots of use if it came to join our family!!!

  5. We need a nest. We are long time travelers (and bloggers) and we recently had a son. Now traveling is a whole new experience. Therefore, we started a new blog and we are looking for a bed to be his ‘travel’ bed. We are going to be working with a sleep coach and writing articles about it and we will also feature the bed on our site.

    We promise the bed will get a lot of use! We are heading to europe this summer and we have a number of other trips coming up as well.

    Our developed site is

  6. My husband and I are expecting our seventh child in July, and a nest would be extremely handy for taking our newborn to different rooms while I’m home schooling our other children. We spend a lot of time outdoors, and the nest with the mosquito netting would be fabulous! It would be a real space-saver, too, which is always important in a large family. Thank you for the opportunity to win this great product.

  7. I would love to have a nest. We travel quite often to my parents house 2 hours away and are always having to lug our pack & play. Would love to have the nest to toss into the car and not worry about the space it takes up and trying to find a place for it to fit in the only quite room in their house.

  8. We have number three coming in May! A nest would be so helpful for time outside while the other two are playing as well as when we travel to other countries. I love how it folds and is so versatile!

  9. This looks fabulous! We are expecting baby #2 and would love to have an accessible nest for travel, etc. The pack & play is so bulky I would LOVE to win this! 🙂

  10. I would love the nest because we just had our first baby boy in december and he still doesn’t have his own bed to sleep in. It would be great for when he takes naps and perfect for our room and to take on trips.

  11. The nest would be great for my husband and I when we visit our parents and family who are all out of town and for taking a post baby moon (with our baby of course) that we never got to take when I was pregnant. We are also hoping to have another baby so this would be great for the next one as well. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  12. We “need a nest” for traveling and camping! Who wants to fly with a bulky camping cot if you can fly with a nest! I absolutely love the nest, and I know my baby boys will too! 🙂

  13. My need for a nest is a bit different than several I’ve seen posted here. I am the mom of 3 little boys… The older two being 6 and 3. I need a nest to have somewhere “safe” for my infant to sleep, or even just relax, that his older brothers won’t bother him. Some where he can be while I do homework with my older son or puzzles with my youngest. Or, when the sun finally comes out… Some where for him to safely lay when we picnic at the park. Just, some where safe.

  14. We travel a lot! By car! My parents live up in Canada and my in laws live down in Baltimore and we visit both of them alot so this would be perfect for travelling!!

  15. I need a Nest because we live in a small house and I will be able to tote this around and fit it an any room without need for more furniture or cradle. IT will also make a great travel bed when we go out of state to see grandparents (sets in either direction!)

  16. Hi Phil and Ted.
    We need a nest because its the best
    We have travel plans east and west but yet no place for Lilly to rest.
    We have a baby i need to snooze come on p and t don’t let us lose!!

  17. Would LOVE a Nest because we’re expecting our 4th and every P&T product that we own has exceeded our expectations! Would love to see how the Nest measures up! Although, I’m expecting nothing but the best from you guys!

  18. I have two best friends that are getting married this year. Babies are sure to follow and I would love to give one of them this beautiful clever item!!

    I am following on FB and Twitter.

  19. I need a nest! With baby #4 due in June, we will be running all over this summer following our 12 year old, 5 year old, and 2 year old and this would be great for transportability!!! And the mesh cover top would be great for outdoors!!!

  20. We are expecting baby #2 in May and my toddler is on the go. I need a nest for baby’s comfort and safety outdoors!

  21. We would love a nest for traveling to see family. All of our family live out of town.

  22. I need a nest because my little guy doesn’t sleep well unless he’s near either me or my husband. He likes to be with his peeps! So we keep him close by all the time.

  23. Our 2 year old has the best intentions but can sometimes be a little devilish. With #2 due in a few weeks, we need a safe place to put him that will be off limits to his older brother. The nest would be a perfect spot for that. Also, hoping to spend the summer shuttling between grandparents — this would be incredible to bring instead of having to shlep a whole huge playyard!

  24. In need of Nest for my niece, she’ll turn into 1 years old next month and this will be the best gift for her. My sister and her family very often visiting my parents and her parents in-law, which is no crib during her 10 hours travel by train so this fabulous Nest will be so perfect to be carried away.

  25. I need a nest not only because it great for traveling but also because it just what I will need soon as am planning to go to Africa to see my Mum, Dad and the rest of my family whom I have not seen for over 12 years now. Just had my first child who is now 3 months & would love her to go and see her family but have been having second thoughts weather to go or not because of mosquito, I don’t want her to get malaria. The nest will be just great because I can have her next to me & the breathable sheer zip cover for added security & shade so she will not get too hot. The best part is that it insect proof.

  26. The nest is amazing and it would be perfect for us! We are currently TTC and this would be the best solution for traveling to visit grandparents, and even being on the go during nap time! I love it!

  27. I just had my baby 6 weeks ago – I got married last year April and found I was pregnant the following month so the holiday we wanted later in the year had to be put on hold due to risks. Since having our girl we are wanting to have our holiday now (we have not had one in 3 years) We are in need of a travel cot but something compact and importantly confortable since she is so young. The nest is our perfect solution for us, no matter where we decide to go this is able to come with us. The nest would be MY saver since everyone keeps telling me I don’t need a travel nest as she can sleep in our bed.
    Enough with my chit chat – Top job on an excellent nest!

  28. I need a nest for baby #4, due this summer. We will be taking a long road trip and I would love something more compact than our awesome p&t traveller cot.

  29. Hello I am in my late forty.Yes i am starting late in life i dont have anything nor do i know much about caring for a newborn u see i am adopting u could imaging how much this would help me What a great start.

  30. this wold be great for going to see my parents and the in laws bc as of now she sleeps with us in bed and then we have to re tgrain her to sleep in her own when we get home

  31. We are a family who travels a lot both by car and plain. A lot of times we have arrived and ended op with no nest for our baby….. We would their for love 2 have a nest and and being able 2 pack ind the same unit. We now have 2 children and that accumulate a lot of luggage ….. We need help and space 😉
    Have always loved phill and teds buggys and we use ours for the second time and even after 6 years it is as good as new.
    Sow thank you for some wonderful products

  32. I definitely require the nest this time around! My best friend let me borrow her phil & ted’s “old version” of the nest with our last baby. It wasn’t necessarily portable, but it was so convenient! I gave it back, because she’s planning to have another baby soon. We called it a casserole, because everyone thought I was carrying a casserole instead of a baby! I loved it, and I would absolutely love to have a portable one this time! This is baby #3, so convenience is a MUST!

  33. well.. im 17 and baby due in june.. im not rich or earn enough neither does my partner. we just managed to pull together enough to buy a cot which will stay at my place, but now we have nothing for when we go to his. This honestly would make life so much easier and one less thing to worry about 🙂

  34. We would love a nest for our newest due in June! It’ll be great to have to take her from one room of the house to the next and also for Grammy and Grampa’s house!

  35. The nest would be much easier to travel with instead of killing your back loading and unloading a pack n play. It looks very comfortable too for little ones.
    Would love to win the Nest! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  36. Hey Guys! We have a winner of the phil&teds nest! DRUM ROLL…

    Hannah Murphy! Below is her winning entry:

    “Hi Phil and Teds.
    We need a nest because its the best
    We have travel plans east and west but yet no place for Lilly to rest.
    We have a baby i need to snooze come on p and t don’t let us lose!!”

    Thanks to everyone who entered, Hannah – please email [email protected] for your prize!

    Nics phil&teds

  37. We would love a Nest! We are planning baby #4 and will be moving countries shortly after it is born so I will need to minimise how much baby gear I buy and make sure everything is portable. This would be perfect!!!