The Secret Confessions of a Pram-a-holic.

To family, friends and my obliging husband it is no secret that I love prams! Yes, I LOVE prams! The first step to recovery is admitting I have a problem (according to my adoring husband) or finding the perfect pram! To the ranks of our family we have had two, Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle (2008 and 2011) and a Phil & Ted’s Explorer, Vibe and Verve! Our first Mountain Buggy was wonderful, dependable to the last, tackling rough terrain without question, the perfect workhorse. But with the arrival of our second wee darling girl the search for the perfect double pram ensued! And what a fun search it has been! I always think of my pram like a car, it is constantly in use, needs to be dependable, practical and ultra chic! It’s a tall order for any pram in my book!

Isabella and Charlotte in the garden.

 My husband and I are the proud parents of two wee girls, Isabella (4years old) and Charlotte (1.5 years old) whom we adore. And becoming a Mummy and Daddy was and still is the scariest adventure we have ever embarked on together as a couple! And what a wild ride it has been, from sleepless nights, to projectile vomiting, nappy changing, copious amounts of laundry, I did mention sleepless nights? The list is endless: add to all that a constant stream of doubts, fears, questions……..Which car seat? Which pram or cot to buy? And last of all trying to tame my hair after a sleep deprived night! But being a Mummy is ultimately the most rewarding and fulfilling job I have ever had; one smile from my two wee princesses can wipe away a nightmare of a day! Every precious moment with them I treasure, because let’s face it, when they are teenagers they won’t want to be seen with us! I feel like the luckiest mummy in the world! I get to share in their lives, hold their little hands in mine, pick them up from their scrapes and bumps, wipe the tears from their face, watch them grow and blossom into the people they are becoming.

Our two wee darlings.

Our oldest daughter, Isabella, is without doubt, quirky, logical, delightful, stubborn, gentle and has a sense of humor a mile long. I did mention stubborn right? That’s from my husband! This past week she told me it was time to take Charlotte back to the hospital, to this I asked why? “Charlotte is old now Mummy and I’m bored, and get a boy one this time” My reply “I don’t think they will do exchanges and we have had her for a while now” Isabella “Just say Please” I guess my lessons in manners over the past four years are starting to gel?

Isabella, striking a pose, personality plus!

Our youngest daughter, Charlotte, is what I would describe as an ‘old soul’, after a rocky first year, with reflux and a milk allergy, she has tackled every challenge head on, with a giggle and a smile. Charlotte does live up to her names sake though; ‘free spirit’, with a willfulness that delights and scares us for the teenage years that lay ahead! Already she loves her baby, handbags and cell phone. Delightful!!

Our Charlotte, even after a scrape on concrete, a ready smile always on hand. (Plus her baby, purse and cellphone of course!)

The Search Begins!


At times our life has seemed a little full, between two difficult pregnancies, with weekly visits to the specialist’s office, our oldest daughters delayed speech issues and our youngest daughters milk allergy, we have spent far too much time in waiting rooms and my pram is my lifeline. And thinking about possible baby number three, (and the weekly specialist visits this entails) the search for another ultimate double pram ensues! YAH!

Isabella and I, before the 8am Kindergarten run.


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