Parents are still people. Keep on truckin’ to retain a sense of self.

Parenting is more challenging than you think – we hear it all the time, in the office, from our consumers.  And  Dad Jermey (the packhorse Dad!) can vouch for that.  He and his wife have some tips, and advice about how to retain a sense of self – they refuse to become a prisoner of the nursery!


We have managed to put the bags out in the spelling paddock for a few months and to be honest it has been great! The last flight we did ended up in an unsavoury war of words with a fellow passenger after he suggested we get off the plane due to our youngest cracking after being on the tarmac for an hour!!

I am writing these paragraphs with the assistance of my wife. My employment takes me away from home and the family for a few weeks at a time. This leaves her to not only feed, clean and care for the boys, but to keep them both entertained with a variety of activities and simultaneously keep her  sanity!

My wife and I always stood by the philosophy of ‘keep doing what you we always do’ once the kids arrived. During the first 6 months of our first child coming along, I don’t believe we missed a beat. Still managing to go out for lunches, romantic dinners etc. Mainly due to him falling asleep in the car on the way to the venue and easily being transported in the capsule in and out of the car. This soon changed though, and we had to adjust our tactics somewhat. It was all varied depending on what stage he was going through. It seemed as though each adjustment required a little more effort, thought and planning. (Never forget the 6p’s! Piss poor planning = Piss poor performance!), which we were both willing to do.


Now these adjustments may have started at going to dinner earlier, but soon evolved into going out for lunch rather than dinner and moving the venue from the cute table in the corner to the large table that led out to acreage!! Whatever the adjustments were, they at times caused the odd tiff on how they were to be executed, but never the less the aim of getting out and about to achieve our goal of keeping a relatively normal life despite having our lives pleasantly invaded has generally been successful.

A few basic pointers that my wife lives by (particularly whilst I’m away) that she applies to exercising, shopping and socialising, she really applies it to socialising!!

  • Get them out, get them out now! Even if it is 15 mins and in the rain. In the last 6 months we could not think of anymore than 5 days where she did not get out with the kids.(Fresh air is a must)
  • Make the effort to find like minded parents in your area that you can meet with using minimal effort and giving the kids someone else to burn the excess of energy off with. (Mothers groups can be great for this)
  • Leave the car at home, walk…….anywhere.
  • Get a tuckerbox, load up on plenty of healthy snacks for everyone, just in case things are going well it can save unnecessarily having to leave or saving you the burden of the fast food avenue.
  • No matter how daunting or difficult a task may be, give it a go. You may come up with some ways to make it easier for next time, or you may decide the drama out weighs the benefits. At least you gave it a crack. My wife backs this up with going skiing with our 13 month old son. The daycare is at 2,200m. It is hard yakka to get there, (bus-train-train-gondola) all chokka block with people & 60 mins later, never really gets easier. However, the reward of a few runs in the sun with some friends and a coffee makes all the effort worth while and contributes to keeping her sanity.
  • Be organised (My 1st failing)
  • Be organised (My 2nd failing)

From my wife’s husbands point of view, I take my hat off to her. OK, she can a little totalitarian about the whole organisational thing, but at the end of the day it is what gets us over the line. We have tried plenty of things that we have agreed to never attempt again. At the same time there are equally as many activities that we have tried and continually partake in which require a lot of extra planning & ‘organisation’ just to assist us in leading a relatively normal life.


 Do you have any tips? Please share below!


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