phil&teds explorer gets a glowing review from a Super Nanny!

Anita our Webshop Manager shared this awesome review from a Nanny of 12!  Check out her story and explorer love below! Kate is essentially SUPER NANNY!  Nics

I am a full time nanny for five families, with 12 children and one on the way, ranging in age from 8 weeks up to 10 years. I have been a nanny for many years, I love doing this job and I can’t see stopping any time soon. Over the years, and families I have come across many different prams, car seats, and baby items that are meant to help with the day-to-day life with children.

I have used all the prams under the sun, and because I work with more than one family everyday, I’ve been hauling two or three different prams in and out of my car daily, I was getting sick of forgetting to take a pram out at one family home, then not having the right one for the next set of children – ARGHHHH! So I said to my self – I should just get my own pram that stays in my car that I use with all my families when I am out and about with the children.  So I spent a few weeks really thinking what I needed in a pram:

•    It had to fit in my smallish boot
•    It had to be able to take newborns by themselves
•    It had to be able to take newborns with older siblings
•    It had to be able to take toddlers by themselves (including older 3/4 year old that are runners)
•    It had to be able to take 3 year old twins (for school runs)
•    It had to be able to be used without lots and lots of extras to start off

So, once I had that worked out most prams were out: side-by-side, tandem, single. So this left me with little chose, until…

I went to a baby shop and really the only pram that I could use that filled the above list of needs was a phil&teds. Now the problem was which P&T to get? – There are just so many different ones that could work for me.

I went with an Explorer, after using an E3 V2 and Vibe V1, with some of my families. I loved that I could get a capsule and double kit on at once, the follow the sun hood, the somewhat more off road type of design; PLUS being able to have just a child in the double kit if needed.

I now use the pram two or three times a day with four of my five families (one family has 2 school aged children – 8 &10), all of the kids just love being in “Kate’s Pram”, I can keep kids in there when their parents pram can’t.  The parents often try to hold the hand of runners  whilst pushing a newborn in a pram.

Over the first six months of my new pram’s life, I have gotten most of the extras accessories that just make the pram so much easier to use. I now have;

•    The doubles kit – both the Explorers and the Hammerhead  (love the recline of the Hammerhead)
•    Both single covers
•    Both double covers
•    Peanut – This was a gag gift at Christmas from my family

•    Cover for the peanut
•    Saddle bags
•    Hung bag
•    Diddle
•    Travel system (1) – Phil&Teds Bebe
•    Cocoon
•    Cup holder
•    Lazy Ted

I have just loved using my Phil&Teds Explorer, and recommend the brand to any parent that I can. It has helped my life no end.

All the covers come with me, at all times – so never am without them, when they are needed

•    I get so much into the under basket, I can pack to pram full and not need anything else for a whole day at a park, zoo or theme park.
•    I keep a sleeping baby in the capsule and put them into the pram and off we go
•    I can fit in a large 6 year old into the main seat and a large 3 year old in the double kit, have another 3 year old (set of twins) on my hip, have two dogs attached to the handle and still push the pram strait and up and over the curbs
•    I am never at a loss as what to do with a child if for some reason I have an extra child with me for the day – there is always a place to put them safely in a phil&teds!
•    The one hand fast fold is great, I can hold the capsule and still get the pram into the car

Because of my love for the phil&teds pram, I have now also gotten a lobster and bebe capsule.

Over all I give the Phil&Teds Explorer a 5 out of 6, only because phil&teds will one day bring out a better pram (I am sure) and I can’t wait for it.



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