Snow, snow and more snow for Wheelie Fit Mums

Well we didn’t manage to have our usual sessions outside at the park with Wheelie Fit Mums last week due to the heavy snow that arrived on our doorstep!  But many of the mums got out and about with their wee ones to have fun in the white powder, so I thought I’d attach some pictures of our Wheelie Fit kids having some fun in last week’s snow…it’s not always very practical but it is very pretty!

There’s plenty of things you can do indoors with baby on a cold or wet day, you just need to use your imagination!  Here’s one of my indoor circuit posts for Wheelie Fit Mums on a snow day.  Why not give it a go yourself… If you’re not quite sure about moves it doesn’t matter, what does matter is getting off the couch and doing something!  (Please note: if you have knee problems be careful with lunges or miss them out)

1. 16 standing stationary lunges (alternate legs)  – knees over toes, spine long, back knee doesn’t touch the ground.
2. 40 step ups (just forward and back if you don’t have a step – quick! 20 each side)
3. 10 modified push ups – hands under shoulders, head looking up, nice strong core, straight back
4. 20 double hand overhead triceps push backs with a weight (can of baked beans will do)
5. 10 heel digs – low or high
6. 10 low punches – stand with feet hip width apart.  Repeat circuit x 3 or 4.

So on your next rainy day, pop baby or your toddler in a safe place – your stroller is perfect as they can stay put! – put on your fave music and get movin’ to a Wheelie Fit Mums indoor circuit!


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