Family holiday to the Gold Coast – #parentworthy tips from Wheelie Fit Mums

After the winter snow of 2011 here in Chch, I convinced my husband that during the July school holidays this year we would take the kids on their first overseas holiday to warmer shores, and like many kiwi families the Gold Coast is an affordable, warm option, that is only a 4 hour flight away – which is a popular choice for a lot of families.

So considering this was our first overseas trip with ‘kids on a plane’, I thought I would give a brief overview of the good, the bad and the ugly! Plus any tips that might help you out if you too, are planning a trip away.

Our kids are 5 and a half, and 2 and a half, so my first tip for under 3’s is:

No #1: Take your phil&teds stroller – remove the mud guards before you check it in to avoid them getting broken.

Theme park days are long, and even the most well behaved toddler will get tired – a stroller that is comfy and they can lye back in can give them a chance to have a wee sleep. There are nominated stroller parks at all major theme parks, so it’s really easy, you won’t find it a burden.

A lot of people wondered how we would find the theme parks with children who weren’t tall enough to go on the adult rides…

Tip No#2: Don’t go with the expectation YOU will get to ride any rides! There are large parts of the parks designed just for children who are 100cm tall. My 5 year old is 110cm so she could ride all the children’s rides. There are other rides for younger children like cars / trains etc. If you want to ride the thrill rides, best to leave the kids with someone else! Check before you go if major kids rides are going to be under construction to avoid disappointment!The other bonus is kids U3 have free entry which saves you $50 per attraction!

Tip No # 3:

One of the things we did which saved us time and money, was packing the kids lunches. We took their lunchboxes from home, and did a big shop at the beginning of the week at the local supermarket. The kids can still get treats that they may not have normally, but you will save a heap of money on overpriced, mostly fried food while you’re out for the day. Also you won’t need to waste time lining up for lunch. Water is about $4 per bottle, it’s a much cheaper option to buy bulk water from the supermarket, as the tap water isn’t that flash!

Tip No #4: Travelling on the plane with kids can sometimes be a challenge. Make it easy for yourself by being prepared, go to the $2 shop before you leave and pick up some easy activities the kids can do on the plane. Make sure they’re novel, easy to pack and unpack and aren’t messy! Remember you can’t take anything over 100mls on the plane and this includes kids juice. You can however take lots of snacks!

Of all the things we did I thought I would do a bit of a hit and misses summary. So to summarise:


1.Turtle Beach Resort – great pools, cafe for coffees, pizzeria and cocktails, and store for groceries. Great fruit shop across the road
2.Seaworld – best theme park for kids under 6, has rides, but heaps of shows and things kids of all ages can enjoy
3.Southport Beach and Playground – giant trampoline pillow, beach, BBQ, perfect place to relax, kids can paddle and play for FREE
4.Currumbin Wildlife Park – Lorikeet feeding, starts early, young children may want to stay in stroller, wear hats and long sleeves. Great magic show
5. Robina Shopping Centre – for all the mums (and Dads) who love to shop


1. Movieworld 4D show, not 4D if you have children as you have to sit in the back so the seats don’t move! Feel like you’re missing out a bit
2. Carrara Markets – full of junk, no parking. Definitely skip this.
3. Traffic – unfortunately the Gold Coast highway is having some major work, we got stuck several times
4. Not long enough….remember to stay for 10 days next year!

Spot the Phil and Teds in Oz!!……

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