phil&teds’ Practical Parent Wheel Care Tips

Nurse Nancy’s Tips!

Givyour wheels the best start in their potentially long and happy life! 

• So your buggy has just entered the world. It needs to be given some air before you can get the wheels turning, right? Exciting stuff, but it’s best not to jump straight in to this tyre pumping business… firstly you have to promise you’ll reach for the instructions!
Here at phil&teds we make great buggies and baby products, but we don’t specialise in manufacturing tyres and inner tubes. Therefore we order standard tyres & tubes in different shapes and sizes to put on our rims.
• Rubber outer tyres will often state a different PSI to what is ideal. The outer tyres we have on our buggies sometimes have a reading of 35PSI, however…

Our little buggy rims can’t take that much pressure! They push best with a max of 22*PSI
So make sure you stop your husband jumping straight in there, always check the rim pressure reading, not tyre, as the rims may crack under pressure!
The inner tubes have a car-sized valve, but NEVER use compressed air to pump your tyres, that means no service station pumps, only hand-operated tyre pumps for your buggy!
(PSI is an acronym that stands for per square inch. This is commonly used in measurements of things like tyre pressure. The PSI in tire pressure tells you how much you need to inflate your tyres.

Now you’re rolling, let’s keep it that way…!

• Don’t expose your buggy to the elements without care. That means if you take your buggy to the seaside its best to make sure all the sand and seawater is rinsed off. Seawater may corrode your bearings and grit is never good for the proper function of your wheels.
• Avoid leaving your buggy in direct sunlight for long periods; this heat could cause your rims to warp. Let some air out of the tyres or store in a cool place.
• If you’re taking your buggy on a plane, let some air out of the tyres, pressure can build up mid flight and your buggy’s rims may not be able to take it!
• Keep your valve dust caps on at all times, this will stop grit getting in your valves…and as we all know…nobody likes grit in their valves!

If you’re buggy keeps getting flat tyres, don’t call the doctor just yet….

• Check your inner tube is sitting on the rim correctly (not pinching or bulging).
• Check your rim isn’t damaged in any way, if it’s warped or jagged it will puncture your inner tube and if that’s the case it’s time for a new wheel!
• You’ve checked your rim, your tube arrangement, your tyre pressure and everything seems ok, yet you’re constantly replacing your inner tubes? Then unless you’re rolling on broken glass you may have a problem with thorns. Many Australian customers suffer with three corner jacks or doublegee. These are usually found in temperate climates. These spiky little burs always spike upwards and can wreak havoc on any tyres. If you one of the unfortunate few who have these in your area fear not you can get some tyre slime from your local bike to put in between your tyre to protect your precious inner tubes!

Cuts, bruises and high temperatures will never leave you and your family house bound. With a bit of care & advice from Nurse Nancy your buggy will be back out there in no time!
Also if you are headed away on an extended trip it can be ideal to pack a spare inner tube, especially if it’s somewhere exotic. Never fear though as our global parts shop can ship to most parts of the globe.


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