Spring is on it’s way…how to spring into the new you! Tips from Wheelie Fit Mums

Well Christchurch has been one big puddle for what seems like the last two weeks! Wheelie Fit Mums has soldiered on! I don’t know how you feel in your part of NZ, but I’m ready to move on from winter! As I drove down the road yesterday after school pick up I noticed a Cherry Blossom tree in full bloom! I was as excited as a kid on Xmas morning! Spring is such a great time of year, the evenings are getting lighter, the weather (although wet) is getting warmer, and I can just feel summer is approaching.

Spring is a time when many people do the old “spring clean”, of the house that is! But why not do a quick spring clean of your health and well-being too! Here’s some tips to spring clean your health for the coming months, and by the time summer comes round you’ll feel healthier, lighter, invigorated and ready to enjoy the long summer evenings.

1. Tip 1: Spring Clean your Wardrobe:

I’ll start with an easy one! I have a rule about clothes that works pretty well for me. If I haven’t worn an item in a year I donate it to clothing bin, or give it away. Trust me, if for 365 days you haven’t needed it, or thought about it, chances are you won’t in the next 365 days either! Holding on to outdated, unflattering clothes just makes you not look your best, which flows on to not making you feel your best. If it doesn’t fit properly, or is not flattering to your figure, give it away. Don’t hold onto clothes that are too small and haven’t fit for years – they will only make you feel fat! Go and invest in classic pieces that fit your bodyshape. If you don’t know what that is it here is a link to find out….http://www.channel4.com/4beauty/style-me/bodyshapefinder

Tip 2: Clean out your cupboards / Pantry

Spring clean your diet. Have you had a winter of indulgences, cold nights with calorie laden food?! Put on a 3-4 extra kgs, especially around your tummy? Go to your cupboard and get rid of all the junk. Start with fizzy drinks, chocolate biscuits, chips, high fat muesli bars, alcohol, dips, packet foods in general! Think clean and natural. If you have been unwell what would you put in your body to replenish your energy stores? Think dried fruit, fresh fruit, low fat yoghurt, cruskits, wholegrain crackers, edam cheese, cut a sugar out of your cup of tea or coffee, drink water instead of snacking and wait 20mins to see if you really are hungry. Start with replacing all the junk with healthier options, and increase your water intake, while decreasing your intake of caffeine, and alcohol. A beginners’ goal might be to try and eat healthier during the week, and limit treat days to a weekend.

Tip 3: Put a spring in your step

Exercise fallen by the wayside as the weather has cooled down. Well now’s the time to set some fitness and exercise goals. Here’s the trick. Make them SMART goals. Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Relevant. Time bound. Saying “I want to get fit” is an example of poor goal setting. A better goal might look like this: “I will run a 5km race on 10th November in 35mins or less, and will achieve this by attending running club every Monday, Tues, and Thurs night for 1 hour.” I have one more tip here, tell someone your fitness or health goal who will ask you about how your are going, and won’t make excuses for you. There is nothing like a bit of extrinsic accountability to help keep you on track.

Tip 4: Spring Clean your attitude

I’m a huge believer in the power of positive thinking. If you think you can, you can. Surround yourself with positive people who share a good attitude towards health and fitness. Work out with people who are motivated, and want you to achieve and be the best you can be. It is very easy to be dragged down by negativity, so with your new health and fitness goals in mind, think about who can help you achieve them, and who will support you on your journey to a fitter, healthier you. You will surprise yourself with what a positive attitude can achieve when you set your mind to something. Do you have a vision in your mind of how you would like to look? How you would like to feel? Create a vision board to remind you of your goals. Stick quotes, pictures from magazines, useful info, exercise tips – whatever you like. Stick it somewhere in your house you will see it everyday, it will help to keep you motivated.

So they are my tips as a Wheelie Fit Mum – not just for mums out there, but anyone who wants to spring clean their health and well-being! I would love to hear how you go….

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