Christchurch Mums…keep an eye out for the new phil&teds nav around town!

Well I got up this morning to a big brown box in my living room and preceded to ask my husband “what’s that?”, completely forgetting that my new sky blue phil&teds nav buggy was on it’s way! I am so excited to test out the new model at Wheelie Fit Mums, and take it out on some big test walks around the park with 3 year old son in tow! Check back next week for my thoughts on what I love about it!

I absolutely love the new sky blue, of course keeping in tune with my Wheelie Fit Mums blue colour also! I love a good match!

So as a bit of a celebration of Spring, and my lovely blue stroller I am going to give away a 10 session Wheelie Fit Mums pass to a lucky mum who spots me out and about with my phil&teds nav in and around Chch! You will need to jump on the Wheelie Fit Mums Facebook page, and check out a picture of me on the home page first, and then email me at: [email protected] to enter, with these details:
1. Where was I?
2. What day/date was it?
3. What was I doing?

All those mums who spot me out and about with my sky blue phil&teds nav during September go in the draw to win! They only place that doesn’t count is the Riccarton Avenue carpark and Wheelie Fit Mums sessions where I work.

I know a lot of you will be wanting to get fit and get out now the weather has warmed up, so here are some thoughts on positive thinking to keep you on track..

**Think It—Become It**

Your mind is like a computer, and you are the programmer. The mind doesn’t care whether what you are thinking is real or imagined. It accepts everything as the truth. Negative thoughts such as “I’m too busy to exercise today” lead to self-sabotaging actions like scheduling errands during your workout time. If you’re at dinner with friends and you tell them, “I’m trying to eat properly, but I just can’t help myself when I see that cheesecake on the menu!” you’re unquestionably going to order it. But what do you think will happen if you say, “Ladies, I’m working hard to get in shape, so please don’t let me order cheesecake, OK?” Chances are you’ll gain the support of your friends and live up to your own words … while inspiring a friend or two to do the same!

It may sound silly, but to be successful you must stop the negative thoughts in their tracks and rewrite them with positive thoughts. Think of it as wiping a virus from your computer’s hard drive and reprogramming it with new information. A proven way to do this is by using positive thoughts and words known as affirmations.

Affirmations are positive self-scripts that will help you change the way you feel about yourself and set you up for daily success. Many top athletes and successful business people use the power of affirmations to stay above the competition. Some professional sports teams actually hire psychologists to help their players learn to see themselves as winners and tell themselves how strong and powerful they are. You can do the same thing.

You probably do this (or will) to help your children think positively; do it for yourself, too!
Affirmations will take your mind off of the negative and put you into an “I can” frame of mind. Positive affirmations can take many forms. They can be “I” statements that describe your positive qualities, such as “I am a great cook and I make healthy meals,” or “I feel good after exercising, so I work out at least 45 minutes a day.”

They can be “I can” statements that focus on your ability to set goals and achieve them, such as “I can lose weight; I lose weight easily,” or “If I do five of them every hour, I can do 50 push-ups today.” Lastly, affirmations can take the form of “I will” statements, such as “I will eat a healthy breakfast every morning,” or “I will take time out for myself.”

I hope these help with you to achieve your health and fitness goals!

Until next time…Nancy (Wheelie Fit Mum)

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