Keep Calm and Carry On! A Must Watch.

Recently comedian Jaquie Brown did a tv series called “Keep Calm and Carry On”. If you missed it, it was basically a ‘mums journey” through pregnancy and the first year of parenting life. If you didn’t have the chance to tune in – it really was a great watch and I’m sure it is still available on demand, if not, I know she wrote a book also “I’m not fat I’m pregnant”.

As a mum of 2 myself, and as an owner of a business for mums – aka Wheelie Fit Mums, I have heard all kinds of stories. Birth stories, teething stories, sleep stories, stories about husbands, breastfeeding, you name it I’ve heard it! I liked the way this show addressed motherhood and parenting with an open mind, in a refreshingly honest way, pulling back the layers of what everyone “expects” motherhood will be, and re-addressing the realities of what it can be. Not only does she provide video diaries of the real time issues she faced, but she takes a comical look into the past at some of the strange things mums were told to do in the past – like toughen their nipples with toothbrushes! Can you imagine……ouch! She even reveals what her post-baby body tummy looks like – not something many mums would be prepared to do, particularly on national tv! So I want to give a high 5 to Jaquie, for being honest and real about the struggles we all face as parents, but in particular first time mums, and highlight some of the key pieces I advice I completely agree with!

1. Be proud of your postbaby body. It has achieved a remarkable thing growing and birthing your child. It may not be exactly the same, but it’s amazing. No-one sees a mum who has a new born baby and thinks “ooh she has let herself go”.

2. Take time out for yourself.. It’s important. You want it, but more importantly you NEED it.

3. “Bank the good days, and on the bad days keep calm and carry on”!

4. Don’t worry about rushing about, trying to do everything, visit people, join every group available. Just relax, and enjoy spending time with your new baby.

Motherhood is a journey, we don’t have all the answers when we start, but that’s ok. This weekend I’m off to visit a very good friend of mine who recently had her first baby…so I’ll be putting on the kettle, helping with the dishes, and holding the baby so mum can have a shower in peace for 10 mins!.

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