Wheelie Fit Mum busts fitness myth #2 Doing strength training will make me bulky

Some women avoid weight training / using weights because they don’t want to bulk up. However, strength training is a critical element to any fitness plan. Lean muscle helps you to increase you metabolic rate, which in turn helps you maintain a healthy weight, as it uses up more fuel all the time, even when you’re not exercising! Bonus right! It is also strengthening your muscles, which will assist you to do everyday tasks, like lifting your child in and out of the stroller etc without so much difficulty. What researchers know is the the average woman doesn’t typically gain size from strength training because she doesn’t have the amount of hormones necessary to build massive amounts of muscle. Even men have a tough time gaining muscle and it’s something you have to work very hard to achieve, male or female.

So, next time you think you’ll skip the weights, think again. It’s worth pointing out, that weight training doesn’t need to be in the form of a dumbbell it can be a container filled with water, an exercise band, some cans of food from the pantry, or your own body used as resistance like in a lunge exercise. Weight training should be part of every fitness programme, especially during the postnatal stage when in reality we mums are doing a lot of lifting and lugging around!

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