Dad powered travel – featuring the phil&teds explorer!

I’m a dad to two under two, not twins mind, 2 separate pregnancies and births. Matilda is now 18 months, Henry is 5 months. What this means is that just as Matilda was getting a bit older and not needing us to carry her around etc along comes another baby and we’re back to square one.

As a dad this creates an interesting challenge, the lady of the manor (aka my wife) had the short sharp shock of having to cope with two babies at home and a few months later is now a pro. She has their routines sorted, knows what they need and when and how to tell when they are tired/hungry/ill. I on the other hand, despite being as hands on as possible, have to accept that being out at work  5 days a week means that I don’t know these things so well.

So how to be supportive and also get some quality time with my little ones?

Well fast forward a few weeks and I found myself taking them both out in our Explorer to pick up a parcel from the post office. Parcel safely collected I had a brainwave, here I was with some time to spare, 2 happy children and a wife at home who would probably like a bit more peace and quiet to shower and get ready on her own for once.

So I did what any good dad would do and headed for the best coffee shop in town for a flat white (an obsession started when visiting New Zealand last year). Matilda like any good 18 month old immediately spotted the cakes and what dad can refuse his daughter?

We found a table, Henry was asleep, Matilda happy. All going well so far, this being out with 2 children thing isn’t so tough is it?

I handed Matilda some flapjack and her babycino.

Then it dawned on me. This was supposed to be a quick trip out. I had no bib or wet wipes, quick thinking was needed otherwise I was in big trouble. Napkins were tucked in clothes wherever possible, sleeves were pulled up and close supervision administered.

Crisis averted.

Most of Matilda’s drink ended up on the table, better than her clothes I guess and to be honest she was more interested in the cake than the drink. I drank my coffee in double quick time and got out of there before she could make any more mess.

One trip doesn’t mean I’ve cracked it, but it has given me a bit more confidence to be brave and get out there. Next time perhaps we’ll try taking the dog for a walk to the park.

Wish me luck!

About the author:

Dad to 2 fabulous under 2's, one pink and one blue. Husband to the lady of the manor and owner of the craziest English Springer Spaniel called Bracken. Crazy runner type often found racing through some of England's most stunning scenery on the coastal paths in the South West. Food obsessed and currently trying to perfect the ultimate sourdough loaf..