The phil&teds nav – 1 month on

We’ve had an explorer for almost 2 years and although we absolutely loved it there has always been a few niggles that have annoyed us. So it was with much excitement that we took delivery of a shiny new phil&teds nav just over a month ago, intrigued to see what had been changed.

I think the best way to summarise it would be evolution not revolution, which is a good thing. The Explorer was a good pushchair but things can always be improved and somehow those clever design people seem to have addressed all the things that bothered us.

Overall the design of the phil&teds nav feels a bit more upright and compact; it feels more manoeuvrable as a result and easy to push with one hand. An important thing when you need a coffee first thing in the morning.  I also like the new catch to hold the pushchair together when folded, much easier to open and close than the old red button.

However, for me, the single biggest reason to buy the phil&teds nav is the improved hood. This may seem a bit of a strange statement but the hood on our Explorer used to drive me crazy. It seemed to fall off every time you folded the pushchair or tried to adjust its position. On the phil&teds nav though the clips have changed and it is now firmly attached, it has never fallen off and you can easily open and close it as you need.

Aside from that we also love the now reclining second seat; Henry is just about sitting on his own but being able to recline the seat means that when he falls asleep we can make sure that his head stays supported and doesn’t fall forward. However I would say that I’m not a fan of the hood on the second seat, it’s a new design and sticks out quite a bit meaning that I’m always banging my legs on it when walking.

Finally, I like how the many straps have been tidied up so that you don’t have excess material flapping around. For the seat belts this means that some clever fastenings hold the excess behind the seat and you can control how much is actually available to use. Plus to recline the main seat there are now 2 clever straps with clips and Velcro rather than a long strap that slides in and out like on the Explorer. These make it very quick to adjust where you want that seat positioned and can fully recline instantly just by undoing the clips.

All in all a great pushchair that despite looking somewhat similar on the surface has been improved with some very clever design.

About the author:

Dad to 2 fabulous under 2's, one pink and one blue. Husband to the lady of the manor and owner of the craziest English Springer Spaniel called Bracken. Crazy runner type often found racing through some of England's most stunning scenery on the coastal paths in the South West. Food obsessed and currently trying to perfect the ultimate sourdough loaf..