A tiny new addition!

16 weeks now and I’m still in disbelief! I wake up each morning sleepy and forgetful and then I remember-  I have a baby inside me! I’ve been told the baby is about the size of an avocado now. When I first asked after it’s size at 8 weeks, I was told my baby was about the size of kidney bean,  and so my other half  Phil lovingly named it “Barry the Beanie”!  (BTW we won’t be calling the baby  “Avril the Avo” now!),  Barry the Beanie will do just fine , for now!

I found out about Barry at 4 weeks, Phil claims he suspected earlier due to my sudden keen sense of smell. It’s the only known superpower I’ve developed during the pregnancy but I’m hopeful I’ll gain a few more. Right now though I  could give a  bloodhound a run for his money. If a beer is quietly opened in the kitchen, I’ll  smell it in the bedroom.

Thankfully the whole nausea, morning sickness debacle has worn off.  The constant need to retch was getting tiresome, especially when at work. Luckily I work for phil&teds, one of the few companies where having babies is almost encouraged. And boy has everyone been encouraging! It’s nice to be able to chat as much as I want about the pregnancy, my colleagues are just as excited as my family.  On the subject of  my family, I have to mention that so far telling our parents about Barry has been the highlight . Both our mothers burst into tears on hearing the news – thankfully, tears of joy! To be honest  I did exactly the same when the doctor told me. The first thing I said (between sobs!) was, ” What do I do?”

What do I do? Well, right now I’m doing everything they advise you to  do and most importantly staying away from everything they don’t advise you to do! As far as cravings go I have nothing too bizarre to report.  I have gone off certain things and at times I’ve had to leave the room if  a smell offends me. Strangely enough anything with flavour has lost it’s appeal. I now get excited about the simpler things, for instance boiled potatoes  and cream crackers make me salivate!

In the last few weeks I’ve started swimming and pilates. I think this could be Barry”s good influence on me  as  I wasn’t too interested before I got pregnant! But I guess  things are different now. I’m different now. Now I want to be healthy, I want to be the healthiest mummy this baby can have!


About the author:

Alana is going through her first pregnancy and over the next few months she will be blogging about her journey to becoming a mother .Originally from Picton, New Zealand Alana is a valued member of the phil&teds team . We have to mention that Alana is in fact already a mother to two furry babies- Marley & Dora , but she's looking forward to trying her hand at mothering a baby of the human variety! We know that she was made for this new role, cause she look's after all of us exceptionally well!.