Nearly half way there!

Right now Barry (the baby) is no longer the size of an avocado, I’m told he’s about the size of a mango.  I feel a little odd comparing my child to a new fruit or vegetable each time I write, but I find the comparison helpful – I hope you do too! At the minute I can feel my baby, this has only started in the last week or so. It feels a little like a bag of popcorn is popping in my tummy. It feels funny but it also reminds me that there is a lot of activity going on in there. It’s alarming but a nice reminder as I still occasionally forget I have a baby growing inside me!

I have to admit it’s getting harder and harder to forget as my tummy expands, I seem to have exploded over the weekend. Up until now you might have thought I had just eaten a little too much lunch, but today there’s no hiding it!  I’ve been keeping up with my exercises, swimming and yoga are particularly good. My yoga teacher has been really encouraging and lets me know what exercises I can and can’t do at each stage of my pregnancy. It’s amazing to see  full term ladies in these classes – very  inspiring.  I just hope I can keep it up, especially now that I have developed a sweet tooth. I’ve gone from not being too fussed about chocolate, to a fully fledged chocoholic . I’ve started  keeping a jar of Nutella at my desk, (the other day I  caught myself with my finger in it, absentmindedly taking a dip!). Hopefully my co-workers find it endearing and not just gross! Easter is just around the corner and I anticipate the baby will demand I have some Cadbury Cream Eggs. I think I’ll indulge him or her…


On the subject of him or her, I find out whether Barry is a Barry or a Barbara next week.  We’ve decided we want to know. It’s a funny one because everyone has an opinion on whether we should find out or not! Although we know a surprise is wonderful, because it’s our first and still  feels a little unreal, knowing whether we’re having a little boy or girl will help us prepare more for what the future may bring – if that’s possible!

Tune in next week…!


About the author:

Alana is going through her first pregnancy and over the next few months she will be blogging about her journey to becoming a mother .Originally from Picton, New Zealand Alana is a valued member of the phil&teds team . We have to mention that Alana is in fact already a mother to two furry babies- Marley & Dora , but she's looking forward to trying her hand at mothering a baby of the human variety! We know that she was made for this new role, cause she look's after all of us exceptionally well!.