Everything you ever needed to know about travel systems!

What is a travel system?

This is an accessory that allows you to connect a compatible carseat capsule to your buggy.

I see there are various types. Why are they all different?

As carseat capsules can vary in their design to one another, every travel system is tailored to suit a particular carseat model or family of seats. It will also depend on knowing what buggy you like to use it on to insure the correct type, as frame dimensions can differ across models. Accordingly travel systems vary in design and shape to allow perfect connection of car seat capsules either made by us or many other major brands.

I’m not sure what capsule I’ll get. Does it matter?

It will matter in regards to some carseats being compatible and others not. There are countless makes of child restraints worldwide, so it’s a big job to test every one of them. However ultimately, whether travel system compatible or not, made by us or others, its imperative that the carseat you choose suits your car and family’s needs before anything else.

We try ultimately to offer the largest selection we practically can in every country, so you can enjoy the freedom of using a travel system.

The capsule I have or want to use isn’t there? Why is that?

We apologise if the capsule you have isn’t compatible. Certainly we would like everyone to be able to use a travel system if they wish, however as mentioned above there are many differing types of seat globally. As great care is taken in development and production of all travel systems (for safety and stability in particular) it does take some time. We are currently exploring ways to capture demand better so we can offer the most options conceivable.

Yay! I’ve found the combination I want. Anything else I should know?

One piece of helpful advice is that most capsules naturally rest at a 45° reclined angle. This is fine for short trips, however if you have a very young baby it’s best practice to not have them in a carseat capsule (in the car or on a travel system) for too long if possible. Suggested times do vary, but no more than 45 mins is often advised. This is due to the angle being slighty too upright to be ideal for longer use for a newborn. Their neck strength may not be adequate to keep their airway supported and clear. If wishing to walk for extended periods with a newborn its better to lay them flat in the main buggy or Snug carrycot.

I have an older child too. Can I still use a travel system with them in the double kit?

Yes! As long as you have a buggy that’s compatible for this setup. Those models are:

  • explorer
  • dot
  • phil&teds nav
  • verve
  • promenade

The reason why those models are compatible for this setup is that they have been officially and rigorously safety tested in the ‘travel system & double kit on the rear’ configuration.

Other common older phil&teds models such as sport, dash and vibe will allow fitting of both accessories in tandem (travel system and double kit) however haven’t been officially tested for that purpose. If you wished to use that arrangement regardless with these models, it would be at your discretion and you would need to be aware of that fact, taking care with weight balance and stability.


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